.02 FAQ

Q: Who are you?

A: I am Nobody.

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14 Responses to .02 FAQ

  1. Chet Dawes says:

    Mr. Tilton,
    Your website and 911 project are an inspiration. I really enjoy the photography as well as the subject matter – vintage Porsches with purpose & patina.

    My blog has been rather dormant for some time. Work and family have been in the way of progress but the car remains a passion of mine. My 911T has recieved several small changes which haven’t been documented via my blog link and I have the bug to do more photographic/blog documenting of the progress. Your page makes me want to do so even more.
    I’ve been admiring your car on Pelican for some time – and most recently the ~7 year old post regarding polished wheel scuffing with scotchbrite pads. I’m working on a set of track wheels now which will have that look to them when they are complete. Thanks for sharing your work with the world.

    I’m interested in both calendars and books and would love to have an opportunity to buy something to support your hobby.

    Chet Dawes

  2. dan bleskey says:


    Love your work. Are you gonna print some more stickers? I like stickers.

    Dan B

  3. cris huergas says:


    . Never really read this part of your website til now. You should be a comedian. I will talk to your wife about letting you do stand up comedy as part of our entertainment for next year’s R Gruppe Treffen… ; )

    Cris Huergas
    Chief R Gruppe

  4. I actually was initially exploring for suggestions for
    my personal website and located your blog, “.02 FAQ | Werk
    Crew | Bob Tilton | Blog”, do you really mind in the event that I start using
    a handful of of ur tips? Thanks a lot -Cornelius

  5. J.B. says:

    I do enjoy your Porsche content but WOW – the design “vernacular” you’re using barrows a little too much from David Carson and early Ray Gun stuff. Distressed and overly manipulated can only go but so far…

  6. Bob Tilton says:

    JB – Thanks for the visit. I do not deny being a huge fan of Mr. Carson. Appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  7. Bob Tilton says:

    JB – I take that back. I would like to add “immensely” in front of “huge”. Again, thanks for stopping by.

  8. Tom says:


    to be inspiring for people in times of mass individualism is very difficult in my eye. Inspiring is what you are for me, so I would like to thank you for sharing your (not only) interesting porsche life.

    My porsch is, what it was designed to be, a piece of art and a way of life. If you ever plan to visit germany, I would be more then pleased to shake hands and drive together, just let me know.

    I wish you all the best for 2014 and hope to read more.

    Tom – ON356R

  9. Bob Tilton says:

    Tom – I am honored by your kind words. Thank you.

  10. Colin says:

    @JB… I think you meant borrows; barrows would the plural of barrow, as in “Bob has 13 wheel-barrows, he shan’t miss this one if I borrow it!”

    @Bob Tilton… How do I get another sticker? I had the one that came with your first book, but that’s on my tool box, and now I have a 911 and I need one for the window!

  11. Bob Tilton says:

    Hi Colin – shoot me an email with your mailing address to bobt at werkcrew dot com.

  12. Colin Clyne says:

    Love the blog, bummed that you didn’t get picked up for those photos! I loved all of them.
    I’m stuck at USCG Officer Candidate School and I’m dying for outside influence. They have us pretty much locked down here. I think that you used to have a link on your page that went to some young european guy who shoots a bunch of motocross and cars and stufff. he recently had a shot of the BBi project nasty on his page? He used to have a creamy brown 911 with yellow lenses that had been a magnus car, I’m just looking for the blog name… Do you know it? I know it’s a lame question.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Hi Bob,

    big fan of site, great to see what’s happening over there as scene is a bit different here in New Zealand. Quick question; do you have anymore Werk Crew decals available for purchase-my 911 side windows are looking a bit bare and i want to spread the word!


  14. ThomasTrize says:

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