“I am extremely proud of the end result (the book) but deeply ashamed of my new drug habit. My name is Bob and I am a meth addict…but hey look what I can do on drugs! All proceeds from the book will go towards rehab.”

I made this statement in the book description. It was intended as a joke. Enough people have inquired about my sobriety status through emails and in-person that I have to explain it was a joke. However, it was a joke that would seem to be a lie if you haven’t seen me in twelve weeks. I have lost 21.5 pounds in that time.

I entered into a weight lost contest at work because I had reached my heaviest weight, 156 pounds at 5′ 8″, spending so much time in front of the computer creating Departure over the last year. There was a cash prize of approx $800 but this was not my motivation. I just wanted to shed a few pounds so I set a target goal of 145 pounds. This is a comfortable weight for me. During the contest I found it easy to shed weight by counting calories and riding the stationary bike at home. I don’t go to a gym because I prefer not to be surrounded by the people who tossed me in garbage cans in high school…those cheerleaders are a lot stronger than they look!

During the middle weeks the other contestants questioned why I was in the contest and claimed that I couldn’t win because I didn’t have much to lose. I then became motivated by spite and malice and set a new goal.

I remained in the top three during the weekly weigh-ins. In the second to last week I was close to hitting a wall. The other contestants were motivated by all my smack talk and man did I talk. They continued to lose weight at a steady and rapid pace because…they were big boned folks. They had plenty more to lose and I would soon be hitting the wall. So right before the eleventh weigh-in, I drank six bottles of water and played the disappointed and fatigued contestant. The added six pounds of water weight was eliminated by noon. I did it to slow the pace and appear to be out of the contest.

Today I weighed in for the last time at 134.5 pounds from 156 pounds. I lost a total of 13.8% of my body weight in twelve weeks. I have not weighed 135 pounds since I was eighteen. So if you have not seen me in twelve weeks then you would probably believe I am a meth addict without this explanation and my joke would appear to be the truth.

Spite and malice are great motivators.

I am not a meth addict but I am now built like one.

I won the contest…by a large margin.

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  1. David Sperow says:

    Thanks for the heads up……I may have been a little embarrassed when I fell over at EASY on Sat!


  2. marko says:

    Hey Bob. Been following your blog for several months now. Thanks for the werk. I’m a photographer and 911 owner. I just wrapped a shoot that involved my 911 and thought you might be interested. You can go to my website then go to the ‘films’ section and it’s called ‘Porsche 911’. This was actually part of a commercial to help sell tape dispensers. Odd, I know. Take care man. Marko

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Hi Marko – thanks for the kind words. Great concept on the tape dispenser commercial. Checked out your site and really like the portrait work! Read your p&b retouching entry – man I retouch all day at work…for big clients too like The NorthFace, Jansport, Visa, Ariat, Chevron and more. I’ve always considered myself more of a Photoshopper than a photographer. Thanks for cking out my site!

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