So…by popular demand Departure will go into a second printing. It seems not everyone knew about it and wErd is getting around thanks to all those who have shown off their books, started threads on the various forums or have posted a blurb on their blogs.

When I started to conceive Departure and formally decided to self publish a book, I wasn’t sure it would sell ten copies. It was a bit daunting considering I would bankroll this project with a cash advance and face the possibility of loosing my shirt. If that happened well…I guess I would have sold my car. Thanks to you guys I get to keep my car and start wErk on a second book.

I really hope everyone loves the book. The feedback has been tremendous. I thank everyone for their kind wErds and supporting the entity I call WERK CREW.

Here are some recent blurbs from my new friends regarding Departure. Please click on the reviews by Jeroen Berloth’s of 9Gear and Maurice van den Tillaard’s of Dutchman Photos. Thanks to both of these uber creative types for taking the time to post about Departure.

Also you can follow the discussions on the Early 911S Registry and DDK.

Meanwhile, back to posting pics…

<above> I am Rolly’s personal stalker.<above> Jim Breazeale, owner of EASY, the man who has made it possible for me to afford to own an early Porsche.<above> Harvey Weidman, the go to guy for perfect wheel restorations.<above> Kenik’s ’66 911 resting in Monterey after having driven down from the Pacific NorthWest.<above> Jorge, Cary and James enjoying a parking lot full of 911s. James just got married…congrats!

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  1. Jeroen says:

    Great news on the second print!
    Drumming up sales from NL as I type…

  2. Colin says:

    I got mine today! Thanks you so much! It was a joy to unwrap! I can’t wait for version 2.0.

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