Departure is sold out. Thank you all for…everything. The last available book was purchased late this morning.

If you received a group/batch email with payment info and sat on it –  please do not send payment. Contact me.


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  1. Jeroen says:

    Both to your dad and selling out
    (errr… that doesn’t sound right)

  2. Bob Tilton says:

    LOL Jereon! Thanks for being a big supporter since the beginning!

  3. Ferry Man says:

    Wow, sold out! Well done Bob.
    I can’t wait to receive my copy and then put it up on eBay. 🙂

  4. J. G. Aswell says:

    And No. 1 Son has a birthday tomorrow – kind of epitomizes the old saying ‘born a day late and a dollar short’…..

  5. Jeroen says:

    I got the book in the mail this morning!
    Talk about fast delivery, I didn’t expect it for at least another week.

    D@mn… all I can say (in my best Les Claypool voice): Bob, you suck!
    This book is way too cool for anybody’s good

    Seriously. Thanks man! I love my #006

  6. John Glynn says:

    Cool to have a birthday so close to your Dad’s. My first born arrived two days before my own birthday – best present ever. And we do them both next week!

    Kudos, amigo 😉

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  8. Al W says:

    Hi Bob,
    I’ve just found this site, and I’m sorry to see I’ve missed my chance to buy your book which looks great. The 911PW “Short but Sweet” article on your car encouraged me to finally purchase my own long-promised 911, so thanks for the motivation!

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