Nick Maggio of A TIME TO GET posted some rather kind words on DEPARTURE – go here. Nick is largely responsible for me launching my own blog after stumbling on his site one day and spending the entire afternoon sifting through all his pages. This was back when DEPARTURE was first being conceived and I knew then that Nick had to be part of this project. I am so very thankful Nick’s photography graces the pages but more importantly has become a good friend.

Randomness: that’s my daily time piece. It’s a ’73 Hamilton bought off eBay…the last year of the longhoods and of course…”period correct”. The reason I like it so much is because it reminds me of my gauges – black face with white sans serif font…all business. 1968 is the first year in which 911s/912s went to this style. Period-correct-ed-nidus is a disease.

More Randomness: Can you tell I’ve been watching Tony Scott’s MAN ON FIRE? English subtitles but the movie is in english. Brilliant! The color processing in that film is gorgeous. Not over done and not done all the time. Carefully chosen moments to set the mood. I watch it repeatedly with the sound muted.

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One Response to NICK OF TIME

  1. Kent says:

    Love the watch next to the gauge Bob. I’ve got a watch with a very similar face and it always reminds me of my car while away.

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