Today I received a partial batch of the finished books. Very pleased with the end result. A box of hardcover books is damn heavy! Did I mention they’re going to be hardcover? From the beginning I intended this book to be a soft cover but based on the feedback it became a hardcover. You guys spoke and I listened. It’s black cloth linen and the logo/book title is black foil stamped. The black on black has always been a favorite color scheme for me. In re: to the binding I decided on a non-traditional route. It’s a screw/post style binding which is very photo album in presentation. Totally seemed appropriate since at the core this is a photo look book.

Waiting for the rest of the books to get finished as the cover and binding is completely handcrafted by a veteran artisan. The books will be available Jan 17th – my Dad’s birthday. This book is limited to 225 copies.

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  1. Cam Arnott says:

    Looks great Bob – This will be a nice way to start the new year!

  2. John Skrbinsek says:

    Nice Bob! Thanks for listening.

  3. Jeroen says:

    d@mn… those look sweet!

  4. John says:

    Can’t wait to place my order.

  5. wow, that looks f****** fantastic! good luck and godspeed to you, bob! however small, you know i’m game to help out in any which way i can.

    oh, and cube? you are a man of many tastes, sir! i love that.

  6. it’s a funny thing about softcover books. not that i ever doubted for a moment that i wanted this (regardless of how it was bound), but a hardcover feels like something i WANT to spend my money on. softcovers? glossy magazines come in softcovers. it just seems tenuous, fleeting.. like it won’t be able to withstand years of use and re-use. with hardcovers, there’s no telling how long these babies will last. generations? not out of the question.

    so glad you went with hardbound, increased financial risk be damned.

  7. Ron says:

    that looks fcuking SICK!!! glad you went hardcover. i think may try to make a matching box so it can slide in to for storage on the shelf when not being admired. cant wait to get a copy.

  8. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks all! As this book was nearing completion it seemed appropriate to make it a hardcover. I hope it resides with your favorite books on the shelf.

    I thought about a slipcase but since I went the post/screw style route for the binding – the slip case would eventually get beat up because the screw protrude. Plus I’m hoping you guys place this book face out on the shelf. đŸ˜‰

    I just set the release date for Jan 17. This will give me time to receive all the books back from the bookbinder and transform dining room into a shipping department.

    Expect a full presentation with pics before then so you guys can see exactly what you’re getting.

    MCB – yeah that guy was actually a musician before he found success on the silver screen.

  9. Jurica Novak says:

    Çongratulations Bob on the finished work!
    It is really a piece to covet.
    I am humbled by being privy to the development and am hoping to be holding one soon!
    All the best in 2011!
    Kindest regards, JN

  10. Jason McCandless says:

    Looks fantastic, can’t wait to place my order! Happy New Year Bob!

  11. Sharon Tilton says:

    I’m happy and proud of you. The finished book is incredible and I’m the proud owner of book #1 đŸ™‚

  12. David Sperow says:

    Congrats on having reached the end of a long and winding road! Can’t wait to get a grip on a copy….



  13. Hi Bob, happy day and happy new year…..
    it’s a great day for start the year, the result of our big work…..

  14. Mark Morrissey says:

    Excited anticipation on this side. Can’t get it in my hands.

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