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  1. Colin says:

    Dude! I wish I was still there! I would love to meet up.

  2. Bob Tilton says:

    Would have been nice to hook up with a fellow Porsche enthusiast. We were in Maui. I saw a few Boxsters, Cayennes and one Cayman. I did see a 356 Speedster on the road to Hana but could have been a replica. Nobody seems to care about old cars…probably due to the climate.

  3. Rich Lambert says:

    You fell for the “Road to Hana” hype? We did too…that’s a day in paradise I’ll never get back.

  4. Bob Tilton says:

    Funny. We started on the road to Hana…got to the 15 MPH section then I realized I didn’t want to spend the entire day in the car…maybe because we made the mistake of renting an Impala…or maybe because I knew my wife would get car sick. I secretly knew we wouldn’t do it because we got a half hearted early start.

    Instead we hung out with the locals and watched them surf up the road Mama’s Fish House. We did enjoy a meal there as well…$$$.

    I figure next time in a proper vehicle and a bit more motivation.

  5. Rich Lambert says:

    Ho’okipa Beach is a good place to see nature’s awesomeness.

    An Impala? Convertible Mustang or Jeep.

  6. Bob Tilton says:

    Hated the Impala. Would have rented a Jeep but thought they were still doing soft tops like they did 10 years ago. Rented a Jeep when we visited the Big Island and got tired of never being able to leave stuff in it.

  7. Colin says:

    I did about half of that road in a rented miniVan… It was fun! I was going way to fast, and almost tore off the side when I encountered a semi on a blind turn. That is one time consuming road.

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