My buddy Nick Maggio from A Time to Get asked me to design a logo for his project WE DON’T MIND. Not exactly sure what the project is but knowing Nick, it’s going to be another bookmark for me. He’s just one of those people that can do no wrong.

Anyway, the logo design got me thinking about a post I’ve been meaning to write – or rather a question. Does anyone mind if I release the comments from the NOTIFY ME WHEN BOOK ONE IS READY page? The blog software allows me to NOT publish comments but thought it may be time to start better tracking interest in my book project. Since this is such a niche market there will be a limited number of books printed…around 250…I think.

I’ll give it a week. If I don’t get any objections,, then I’ll assume the reply to publishing your comments will be a resounding “we don’t mind.”

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