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8 Responses to

  1. Ron says:

    Another superb image and a very generous gift to our fanatic car culture. thanks for the ongoing installments!

  2. Tonie says:

    Thanks Bob, it looks amazing!

  3. Paul Ciancimino says:

    Amazing gift!

  4. roy says:

    thanx bob! love your images

  5. setho says:

    A nice surprise showing up in my morning email.


  6. David Serrador says:

    Thanks Bob

  7. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks gentlemen for allowing me to occupy your desktop!

    I’m up to date in sending the files to all requesters. Please let me know if you did not receive the files.

    Also, my group emails should be updated for March so expect automatic “installments” for the rest of the year.

  8. Serge Small says:

    Occupying my desktop it is, and will continue to do so each month. When I saw it was almost the end of January, I started looking forward to your email with anticipation. It did not fail to thrill.

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