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  1. Bob Tilton says:

    PC users: Let me know if you receive low resolution files or if the files arrive embedded. The combined files should be approx 3.5MB.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great idea Bob T!

  3. Paul Ciancimino says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for being merciful and giving me high quality wallpaper.

  4. Ron says:

    Thumbs up. Jeena is gonna be annoyed going to all the computers and seeing the same wallpaper lol.

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Just got home from work and fulfilled all requests at this time!

    Thanks all!

    Also, thanks for the feedback from my PC users regarding embedded attachments. This was a huge concern and glad to read that no one is having problems.

  6. Serge Small says:

    Bob, thanks a bunch…a great idea

  7. Bob Tilton says:

    My Pleasure Serge!

    Another batch of emails sent out. I should be caught up. If you have not received a reply email then shoot me a reminder.

    Also, received an email from a proud uncle who has a nephew that works for Porsche. The 2014 January Werk Crew wallpaper desktop is on display within the Porsche compounds!

  8. Mike DiLeo says:

    monthly visitor
    my the way your words flow bob
    double entendre

  9. Bob Tilton says:

    Finally someone comments about the title! No spotting – all heavy flow!

  10. Mike DiLeo says:

    comment in haiku
    not an easy thing to do
    ask me how i know

  11. Bob Tilton says:

    5-7-5. Very clever Mike!

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