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  1. roy says:

    sons of anarchy is one of my favourite tv series. miss opie.

  2. Jeroen says:

    Usually have a whole album on repeat… Tough to find an album that good from start to finish.
    Lately been (re)playing White Pony by the Deftones a lot. Gets/keeps me going.
    And yeah… Opie’s deathblow… Moved American History X’s “teeth to the curb” scene to the #2 spot on the gnarly-knot-in-yer-stomach-list.
    Anyway, play some tunes & get to Werk… And don’t “split”

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    SOA is one of the few shows I watch. Big fan of the creator. Absolute mayhem thus far for this season!

    Opie’s death was…memorable. A good death.

  4. setho says:

    Damn, I don’t know where to start, they’re, they’re gonna, um, they’ll triangulate on this position really, really soon.

    Who hasn’t walked away from a day of work and not thought their co-workers to be ticks & leeches? Who hasn’t hoped that the parabol is true, that all this pain is an illusion when in their darkest moment, fetal and weeping? Who hasn’t worn the grudge like a crown of negativity? Over thinking, over analyzing?

    I guess all we can do is watch the weather change.

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Seth – it can storm and the sun can shine all within the same minute in this region. Happens all the time. đŸ˜‰

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