Werk Crew 8 oz Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs, Limited “Production” of Six – $20 plus shipping

UPDATE: Sold out – tx!

I made one of these for myself just because I like the mug style. To me, they’re just the perfect style and size mug I’ve seen in a long time and I wanted to apply a Werk Crew vinyl decal to appease my ego. After many cups of coffee, I figured I’d make a few available for no real good reason at all. Honestly, I can’t think of a good selling point.

Maybe a few of you want one? Yes? No? Super limited edition. I made six. These are Starbucks mugs sold at stores for $16.95. The decals cost a little bit of money. So essentially no money being made – I just like the idea that a cup of coffee is being consumed out of a Werk Crew mug…again to appease my ego a little further.

Man I am a terrible sales person.

Contact me at for shipping price and total cost.


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