I dropped off the car on Friday for some scheduled maintenance. For the most part I like to work on the car myself because like most people, I believe no one does a better job than yourself. However, John Holleran has changed my thinking on that notion so the car confidently goes to him when it needs work which also allows me to stay busy on this book. Thank goodness for rare people like John who never utter the phrase “good enough.” It’s a garden of mechanical delight.

Dropping the car off at Holleran’s brought back memories of the Dyno Day from awhile back. So far back that these shots are from the camera/lens combo I cut my teeth on – a Canon 40D and 17-55 lens. If I ever got in a jam and had to unload my camera gear I would not hesitate to go back to this fantastic combo. Sometimes I have to question my current more expensive camera when I see these old images.

Anyway, these are leftover images that did not make the article but still some of my favorites…most of all the last shot which makes me laugh every time.

Post title from the song GARDEN OF DELIGHT by The Mission UK.

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