iPhone shots: the GTI got some massive love this weekend! Spent Saturday detailing the car – wash, clay, spot scratch remover, fine polish, ultra fine polish and wax. It’s going to be a long time before I want to do that again. Way too much work and not the fun kind of wErk. However, at the end of it all the biggest compliment were the bugs bouncing off the hood going after the reflection of the light above.

Can I admit to now being one of those “two-bucket wash guys”? I never knew about this method until I read up on maintaining a black car. One bucket with car wash and the other with clear water for rinsing wash-mit (microfiber…of course). Crazy.

That’s the GT Xizang hanging on the wall. Need to start riding that again. Phenomenal bike – titanium frame with full XTR.

If you guys have any tips on a quicker method of detailing – I’m all ears.

While working on the GTI, a kid came up and asked me if the Porsche was for sale. His dad was out on the street in the car and asked how much I would need for it. Strange. The car was covered in the driveway so I didn’t get it. That’s your approach? Really?

PS: Apologies if anyone received an offensive tweet from me. My account got hacked and I have since changed my login/password. Please let me know if the offensive tweets continue. Thanks to those who alerted me to the hack.

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  1. Anders says:

    It’s hard work detailing a black car, but a proper job gives such a pleasant result!

  2. Elpresidente29 says:

    That car looks AWESOME!!!

    I have a black Honda and it needs some serious love: the black paint looks “milky”. What car wash/car care products did you use on your GTI?

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks! I use Griots but not sure they get all the credit because it is, after all, a new car so very little effort in getting it “glossy”.

  4. jon sycip says:

    it is time to start riding that GT Ti mtb bike again 🙂

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Jon – I say that each and every year! I use to put so many many miles on my bikes but now they collect dust. I use to take mtn bike vacations in Tahoe!

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