In a high pitched voice say it, “Dope-ah-licious”. Matthias of Hoeing Motoren deserves it.

I am of the personal opinion that the Porsche culture offers very few well-done, creative and artistic short films by comparison to other gear-head cultures. Yes, there are some excellent examples to be shared and treasured but without a doubt – other cultures are regularly unleashing such wonderful films that exemplify the enthusiasm of their cultures.

So, when something like this comes along it deserves to be shared…repeatedly as I know it’s already made appearances on your favorite blogs but just in case you haven’t had the pleasure then please enjoy and appreciate the massive effort and pure love that went into this film:

Well, after almost a week I guess it’s about time I post that little film I made with my buddies from Filmkooperation on my own blog and share some insight on how it was done. We shot about 4000 pictures during three days of disassembly. This resulted in eight minutes of film which we thought to be way too long for the average viewer, so we boiled it down to three minutes and used 1500 pictures. Editing took two days, creating the music and tweaking it to fit the film took another four days. All this happened over the course of three months.

Part two, which should be finished by fall, will show machining of engine components and the assembly process. The engine will get increased displacement among a wealth of other goodies which should raise the power output by a modest 100+hp.

The above photo portrait taken

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  1. Nice write up Bob!
    Did you happen see my other comments I made on older posts the other week?
    Hope all is well..

  2. brett says:

    Strange fruit ehh?

    Henry Rollins never struck me as a Porsche guy 🙂


  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Maurice – I thought I replied but maybe I drafted it in my head. I forget my brain doesn’t have bluetooth. Did you buy the red dot camera yet?

    Brett – maybe a real young Rollins. I’ve seen Henry perform live both with his band and spoken word tours. Very interesting man. It was strange to see him in Sons of Anarchy.

  4. Rob Anderson says:

    What? No new shinny reverse animation? LOL This was epic! Great job

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