A couple years ago, I discovered a very unique blog called A Time to Get. It would become the twinkle in my eye along with my mate social media in which Werk Crew would be conceived. Nick Maggio, the host, deserves much credit for inspiring me to carve out my own space. He gave me my first link. I asked him to appear in my book. We have had the pleasure of corresponding about Porsches and photography. I value these types of friendships. They’re rare.

Tonight I received an email with a link to “a short film I (he) did this weekend” – see here. Endless talent as I would expect from a man who stays busy creating beautiful imagery – see here.

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9 Responses to SPEED OF LOVE

  1. Roy says:

    love that!!!! thank you

  2. Kevin Brooks says:

    Great short film! Love the grainy low light work. Will definitely check out his blog.

    Am I mistaken to question if that is a 912? I think I recognize that grill badge.

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Looks like a ’66 912. Probably Polo Red. Good catch!

  4. Bob, how closely does the film’s protagonist resemble a typical aircooled owner? πŸ˜‰

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    I’d say very accurate resemblance to the majority people I know.

    Wait for it.


  6. Cary Neol says:

    Cool short. The choice of car really plays a big roll in the feel of the film.

  7. Randy Wells says:


    This is an amazing shoot. Take three couples in an old Charger and a couple of 5D MK IIIs with 35 and 85mm lenses to Death Valley, and get creative…

    Brilliant stuff, Nick!

  8. Bob Tilton says:

    Nick’s PacSun material is great! I know he shoots with a 5DII and I believe PacSun specifically requested 35mm focal length.

    I’ve always described his work as “when everyone else puts the cameras away Nick is shooting”.

  9. That was perfect. Need to watch this on the big screen when I get home next week.
    Keep up the great work Nick!

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