Extremely pleased to have received the Limited Edition 901 Fifty poster designed and produced by Jeroen of 9 Gear! I’ll be more than proud to hang my signed and numbered 68 above the desk (and as promised no special gallery grade framing – more on that later).

The entire piece is fantastic! To order go here.

Thanks so much Jeroen! So appreciated!

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5 Responses to 901 FIFTY

  1. Jeroen says:

    Thumbtacks! Thumbtacks! 😉
    Good to hear you like it & nice to be on your wall…

  2. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks again Jeroen!

  3. Peter Kane says:

    Bob: Where does one purchase this poster?

  4. Peter Kane says:

    Doh!….I didn’t read far enough!

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Mama didn’t raise “know” fool!

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