Saturday: thoroughly enjoyed the Garry Winogrand exhibit at SFMOMA with good buddy Kent – fellow early 911 owner, Leica photographer and my “personal” gear consultant. I learned about the exhibit upon purchasing a Leica 50mm Summicron lens from Craigslist – more on that later. It’s a must see exhibit for all photography enthusiasts.

Recently, “Street photography” has had a massive appeal for me and I haven’t quite figured out why. I think it’s because thats what I’ve been trying to do all along but never realized it. I don’t know. I do know that viewing an exhibit with a fellow enthusiast is rewarding. I feel less ashamed in the artsy/fartsy exchange or the things I normally keep to myself.

I should of had time to figure out my interest in street photography on BART, Bay Area Rapid Transport for those not familiar with the Bay Area’s version of the “subway”, ride home but I didn’t. The only thing I’ve figured out is to keep “spraying and praying” for decent photos.

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