Fotos from R Gruppe Treffen 2013 coming soon. Meanwhile, congrats to Mike DiLeo, one of the GT award winners.

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6 Responses to DRINK UP THE LAKE

  1. Rich Lambert says:

    A deserving winner…nice guy with an awesome car.

  2. Mark Morrissey says:

    Congratulations Mike! Way to represent East coast R Gruppe!

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Agreed. Really impressed with the mindset, approach and execution of the build.

  4. Karl O'Donoghue says:

    Awesome guy with a nice car. Well done Mike.

  5. Vintage Seats says:

    Welll deserved award to Mike.
    Great build and a great guy.

  6. ibmiked says:

    The award was a surprise and an honor.

    The mention here on WerkCrew? Priceless.

    Each and every one of you guys is the best.

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