Thought I would post some pure randomness.

Got an email regarding a new blog, heckmotor-sportwagen, which you guys should bookmark as it looks promising in capturing some great cars across the pond:

Hello Bob,

I’ve been very fascinated, by the organisation of the american Porsche scene, espacially your work! Now i’ve decided to start a porsche blog projekt in Germany called heckmotorsportwagen, because here is nobody who makes anything like that, only Matthias Höing from Hamburg and Maurice from the Netherlands …   I would like to send you a t-Shirt and a few Stickers to get a bit poplar in America … Only if you’re intrested !

Best regrads from Düsseldorf Germany

Daniel Schaefer

Ulfert Jannsen of Speedstar Gallery sent me an email regarding new work from painter Markus Hubb. I had the pleasure of interviewing Markus in late 2011 which can seen here.

My buddy Dave Eck sent me a very “interesting” link to a four-minute plus video of some really crazy crashes…seriously these guys need to be toasted with your favorite beverage. The yellow arrow is pointing to the driver and the blur is his car below. Check out the video here.

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2 Responses to MIXED

  1. Thanks for the props Daniel..!!

  2. Matthias says:

    Yeah thanks, Daniel! But don’t forget about Jeroen’s 9gear!!

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