The NorCal September 11 Drive through Napa Valley was epic fun! I think my buddy Richard Sutliffe did a great job in recapping the drive in an email to the NorCal crew. I just want to add one funny moment – we were all parked at a fork in the road and a guy driving in the opposite direction in a Ford Ranger hung out his window to ask, “Pardon me, would you guys have any Grey Poupon?”…classic!

Rich’s group email to NorCal:


Kudos to Dave Sperow for planning and organizing the R Gruppe drive today. It was a blast! Great roads, great cars and great guys plus one gal…and a great bench racing at lunch.

The drive was through some N. California roads (Montecello Rd., Capell Valley Rd., Sage Canyon Rd., Chiles Pope Valley Rd., Howell Mt Rd., Deer Park Rd., Silverado Trail) that I didn’t know existed. Beautiful country with nice two lane curvy roads…without much other traffic…at least in the morning section. Thirteen Porsches showed up…everything from 1967 to 1974 911s…including a 914 V8 which met us at lunch…and a pretty quick red Audi TT convertible too. Maybe 20 people enjoyed the fun. The drive was brisk as promised…but not crazy. At least in the morning sections there were no mechanical problems and no “incidents”. I ran my old Light Ivory ‘67S up to 7,000 rpm more than once and I’m sure everyone else did too. We stayed together pretty well…stopped at Napa Culinary School for a photo op and then headed to Gott’s Roadside, formerly Taylor’s, the nicest hamburger joint in St. Helena. Good food. Picnic tables with umbrellas on the lawn…and of course good bench racing.

On the way home I noticed my odometer was about to turn over….99999 to 00000…so I snapped a picture. My Light Ivory ‘67S was built in October, 1966 so it’s just a month short of being 44 years old and I thought it worthy of recording event…especially after hammering it through the gears and the turns for several hours this morning…(and it just kept asking for more). But the big question is: how many times has it already turned over? I’m guessing at least once…and maybe twice. How many 44 year old cars can you drive like we drove today without a problem? With doors that still close tight….and without any rattles? Only a Porsche.
And Dave Sperow, the man who put it all together, THANKS DAVE!!!

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  1. i need one of these cars in my life.

  2. Bob Tilton says:

    The cars are a blast and the fun factor goes way up when you can enjoy them on a group drive with your friends! Get one!

  3. Neal Boysen says:

    Sorry I missed out on the drive I’m sure it was awesome. My car is still broke and my wife and son and I are trying to buy a house in Santa Cruz so the targa is not too high on the priority list. And heh Bob, I want one of your books when it comes out, autographed of course.

    Take care my friend and hope to get together with R Gruppe soon.

  4. Bob Tilton says:

    Hopefully sooner than later Neal!

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