Had me a good laugh. I just found Werk Crew’s new marketing consultant. Jeroen’s latest post on one of my favorite blogs he calls 9 Gear copied and pasted below:



Been a rough week…

Me: “Hey man! Got any packages for me today?”
Mailman: “Nope…”
Me: “Damn!”

Me: “Any packages yet?”
Mailman: “Yeah, sign here please…”
Me: “Crap, that’s not the package I was waiting for!”

Me: “Anything from Werk Crew today?”
Mailman: “Yeah man, this stuff all comes from the crew at work”
Me: “No man… WERK CREW! Bob Tilton, you know… From the USA”
Mailman raises an eyebrow, shrugs and goes next door

Me: “Packages?”
Mailman: “Dude, give it a rest. What’s the big deal anyway?”
Me: “Calendars man! I told you! From Werk Crew… Bob Tilton… USA!”
Mailman: “Don’t know no Bob and I got no packages for you today”
Me: “But everybody else already got them! What’s taking you so long?”
Mailman: “Hey, they’ll get here when they get here…”

Me: “Fuck! No mail today… Lazy mail-bastards”

Me: “Got it yet?”
Mailman: “No man, stop bugging me!”
Me: “Go do your damn job! Bring me my calendars!”

I spot the mail van, so I run outside
Mailman flips me the bird and drives off with smoking tires

Today, when I got home, the mailman had left me a note in my mailbox and the calendars at the back door…
It roughly translates: “Here are your fucking calendars”
On the back he wrote: “Next time I’ll piss in your mailbox… Asshole!”

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8 Responses to MARKETING 101

  1. Jeroen says:

    Call me paranoid, but I’m taping the mailbox shut, just to be sure…
    They were worth the wait though. Thanks again!

  2. Diederick says:

    Hahaha, damn. What part of our country do live?
    Good to see they finally made it, though.

  3. Tung says:

    That is some funny sh*t!!!

  4. Roy says:

    …still waiting

  5. Warren Tomlin says:

    Thats the best thing I have heard in some time.! đŸ™‚

  6. Bob Tilton says:

    Hi Roy…that Italian post office! I ship these to just about every country in the world and Italy…by far the slowest for whatever reason but packages do eventually get there.

    Yeah – Jeroen has a wicked sense of humor. Me like.

  7. koz says:

    I read this and thought…hey, i wonder if mine is here. I went out to check the mail and ……there it was on the porch…my calendar. I was so happy, i pissed in my own mailbox.


    nice werk bob

  8. Peter Kane says:

    Gotta love the postal service…

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