Nearly done with the design of the 2013 Werk Crew calendar. This coming week will involve running hard proofs, minor revisions, print and bind. Very happy with the project thus far.

Thought I’d share the wErkflow – select foto, a “before” of foto or as captured, “after” foto with post-processing and finally foto placed within layout.

The text overlay is meant to add visual interest. All pages received the treatment. It’s fragments from Information Regarding Porsche Vehicles Used for Sports Purposes, aka, the Good Book.

I expect to make an announcement by Wednesday the 21st re: progress and ordering information. Β For now, I will say this calendar will be larger in size compared to last year.

Feedback welcomed – pardon me in advance that I will totally ignore it. πŸ˜‰

Before I leave so that I can get back to wErk, here are a couple more finished months. If I may be so bold as to request those with blogs to help spread the wErd. I will not be posting information about these calendars on the various forums, out of respect, that offer their own calendars.

For the record, yes – I do like David Carson and you should too.

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  1. Jeroen says:

    Since you’re gonna ignore it any way, I’m not gonna bother with feedback πŸ˜‰
    Don’t spill too many beans though…
    Will spread the wErd

  2. Bob Tilton says:

    Many many thanks as usual for the support Jeroen – http://www.9gear.nl! Always massively appreciated!

  3. Olaf says:

    Thanks to Yaroon for spreading the wErd πŸ˜€

    Can I order 2 ??

    Keep Up The Good Work, Bob !

  4. Stephen Upman says:

    Don’t forget, I want two. Looks great (as usual). πŸ™‚

  5. Paul Ciancimino says:

    NO MORE SNEEKS. Nothing is better that flipping the pages for the first time.

  6. Giacomo says:

    Yes! Great! Go ahead!

  7. Wouter Moll says:

    I have spread the Werd and now i want one…..again…….whats with all these Dutch guys over here?

  8. Dave Pugh says:

    Great wErk Bob! I’ll take one please.

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  10. Bob Tilton says:

    Ok. No more “sneeks” per Paul. πŸ˜‰

    It seems I am always thinking you guys for the support. I mean it each and every time. You guys have given me an outlet in the form of Werk Crew to do my own thing my own way. That’s why I do it.

  11. john boyer says:

    i too am a david carson fan. i still have an early beachculture mag tucked away somewhere. keep up the cool design wErk and put me down for one.

  12. andrea70 says:

    I appreciate so much the new “cropped” graphic!

    can’t wait….

  13. roy says:


    larger size it’s a great idea too.

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  15. Mark Morrissey says:

    I’ll take one for sure

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  17. Warren Tomlin says:


    looks great. w.

  18. Jeroen says:

    What’s taking you so long?
    It was the 21st two days ago!

  19. Kevin Pringle says:

    Right in the middle of December is the age old question: WTF. So, yeah. Wednesday was ages ago…

    We’re all giddy and excited to get our hands on another calendar to match and surpass last year’s. Can’t wait…

  20. Bob Tilton says:

    I am very fortunate to be in such demand by you guys! Production issues and I have blame Jeroen a little bit for taking his advice and making the calendars larger this year. πŸ˜‰

    Last year, I personally bound them myself at my shop after hours. However, due to the larger size, the calendars need to be farmed out to another source. Waiting for pricing. And if I can throw in the short work week that kind of hindered things well…update coming soon.

  21. John Stone says:

    I’d like one please email with where to pay please. Thanks….

  22. Christian says:

    Bob, this time two for me please!

  23. Sean McCafferty says:

    I think I need a calendar. It’s great! Please notify me when available.



  24. Ross Starr says:

    Cheers from “Down Under”
    The calendarf is looking fantastic. I’m just like everyone else it seems, let me know when they are available – I think I’l take two too.

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