I stumbled across LFI, Leica Fotografie International, back when I was researching images taken with Leica gear – more specifically the work of fellow R Gruppe member and SWB owner Tenn Xoomsai from Thailand.

I’ve been aware of and have admired Tenn’s photo postings on the various forums. We’ve corresponded plenty in the past but I always assumed he was a Canon 5D guy. So we further corresponded about his M8 and 28mm Elmarit which was the combo I was researching. Tenn was a big help in helping me make the Leica decision.

In our continued correspondence I asked if he wanted to make an appearance on Werk Crew and he kindly obliged with some new never before seen images taken with his M8 of one of the coolest SWB hot rods. So, I am very pleased to debut Tenn’s new images along with a brief write-up:

I am a big fan of Bob Tilton’s wErk. So, I was honored when he asked me to put something up on his blog. Also, thanks again Bob for giving me inspiration to use my M8 again!


I am a Thai film director working and living in Bangkok Thailand. I love all things Porsche. I also own 2 more, a RWB 964 Turbo and my daily driver 996 C4 cab.


I have owned this car for six years now. For the full horror story of my car, I have a thread on Early 911S Registry about the restoration here.


After 12,000 km of track days, club races and road trips, I pulled a stud on the 2.7 liter engine. While I was pondering what to do, I got lucky and scored an aluminum 930 case from a good friend – thanks!

With some new parts, plus bits and pieces from my 2.7 liter engine like PMO, 964 Oil pump, my trusty mechanic built a 3.2 liter short stroke twin plug engine. Other modifications and upgrades during the engine rebuild included 930 brakes calipers all around and 7R wheels in the back so I can install wider tires.

The car is still at the run in process. It has about 400 KM to go before I can really let her loose. I got up early on Sunday and went to look for a place to shoot the car. I knew an empty rooftop parking not far from my house. I was there very early so I got the whole parking to myself.

I have a film project outside of Bangkok in the week too, so it is a perfect time to make a little road trip and take some fresh pictures of the car for Bob. It does also happen to have a racetrack near by the location that I will be shooting.  I arrive a day before the shoot and hit the track for a few laps. No one was there so I snap some picture there as well.  

So far I am very happy with the new 3.2 SS. It pulls a lot stronger than the 2.7 liter even though sometimes I miss the high strung feeling of the 2.7 liter – the big toque more than makes up for it!  


You can see Tenn’s vimeo page here and his commercial work at www.tritonfilm.com.

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  1. Luke.H says:

    tritonfilm.com does not work 😉

  2. Jeroen says:

    Always enjoy Tenn’s pics. Good to see them here
    Nice ride too!

  3. cris huergas says:

    Bob, we need to make a goodwill trip to Thailand and visit with Tenn and his cars. I wanna see his car collection and his meet his cool Porsche friends.


  4. Bob Tilton says:

    Link fixed – late night blogging will catch up with you. 😉

    You and me both Jeroen!

    Would love to visit the Thailand Crew and maybe detour to ‘Nam and visit some family!

  5. Mark Morrissey says:

    I too have been a big fan of Tenn’s work as well as his cars. A bunch of us East coast guys were fortunate to have had to opportunity to meet Tenn last year when he was on business in New York City. He’s a great guy. Obviously, the beautiful design aesthetic that we see in his photography and his video/film work also translates to the cars he owns. His superb attention to all the details, large or small, makes it hard to look away. But then why would anyone want to? Tenn and his numerous car guy friends make for a very strong Gruppe in Thailand. Cheers Tenn!

  6. Tenn says:

    Guys thanks you for your’s kind comment 🙂
    would love to have you guys over here and show you around. looking forward to it!

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