Are you staring at the October page of the 2012 Werk Crew calendar? Yeah? Excellent. Let’s have a discussion.

So the question needs to be answered since I have been receiving emails…do I produce a Werk Crew calendar for 2013? The Boy Scouts truth is that I haven’t even started designing it because I had no home-office until yesterday. I, finally, have got to a point where my home-office, aka the “wErk-space” is done and I can wErk again. I need my wErk-space to do my “thang”…like a chicken <high pitch voice and stretch it out> waaaaaang. C’mon say it aloud: do my “thang”…like a chicken <higher pitch voice this time and stretch it out good and long> waaaaaaaaaanng!

Did you wife come in the room and ask “what the hell is wrong with you?”


Welcome to my world.

Last year, I printed a batch of 100 calendars and sold out. Then printed an additional batch and sold out. Probably could have printed more but wasn’t into Leica gear back then.

So what say you? Yay or nay. Please reply here and let me know if I need to get my arse in design mode for y’all ’cause that’s how Sinnerman and I roll all up in here.

PS. I’m not a gangster but sometimes like to pretend I’m an OG. We’re real hard here in the ‘burbs.

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  1. Marc says:

    Yes, get that 2013 calendar going. I’m surprised that you even needed to ask!

  2. Keith Wilson says:

    Ill take two please!!!

  3. Stephen Upman says:

    Absolutely! I’ll take two this time.

  4. tim says:

    Calendar makes the start of a new month all the more exciting, please do a 2013 one

  5. Ted says:

    Do the calendar, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  6. Jeroen says:

    Oh yeah! Put me down for three
    And please, please, please… make ‘m BIGGER (’round’n’bout A3 size)

  7. Simon says:

    Do it! 🙂

  8. Rich says:

    I’d buy one…

  9. Peter says:

    oooh yes, pls do your thing, – but will I be able to afford a overseas delivery!! did not see any missus here, that´s my world

  10. andrea70 says:

    I’l take 2 Bob. Do them before Christmas. Ciao

  11. Gregg Hardman says:

    Please produce a calendar for 2013, I missed out on 2012.

  12. James Hurst says:

    Do it.

  13. roy says:

    3 for me as usual, thank you 😀

  14. Matt Kidd says:

    Two words.
    That is all.

  15. Paul Ciancimino says:

    Sinnerman, I’ll take five!

  16. Paul Ciancimino says:

    He bad Mrs. Tilton, he real bad!

  17. Kent Fitzgerald says:

    Of course you need to do it.

  18. Warren Tomlin says:

    In. X2


  19. Vintage Seats says:

    Yes Please. I’m in Mr Tilton.

  20. Chet Dawes says:

    You already know my take since I was one of the emailers!

  21. Do it for the G’s and the hustlers, fool (and the Leica equipment)! You know you’re an OG!


  22. Randy Wells says:

    22 comments says it all. I have a few photos I’ve been saving for you.

  23. Chris Heal says:

    Word Bob,
    you gotta do the 2013 calender thang !!!
    they are the fadizle bro

  24. Bob Tilton says:

    Ok…so you guys totally rock my world! As always, massive appreciation for the support for all things done under this umbrella I call Werk Crew! Guess I’ll get started!

  25. Kevin D. says:

    Yes please. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long.

    Please add bikini models this year.

  26. Bob Tilton says:

    Umm…ok. I can slip into a bikini to sell more calendars. I really like my red spaghetti strap bikini.

  27. Jeroen says:

    Is it too late to cancel my order?

  28. Warren Tomlin says:

    Forgot – while we are asking – a 3rd printing of Departure! 🙂

  29. Scott B says:


  30. gary says:

    i bought one early last year and gave it to my dad as a christmas present … every month he sends me a wonderful picture of the calendar on the wall in his office with a “thank you” note. so … i’d say that is a yes (times two, of course).

  31. Bob Tilton says:

    Hi Warren – sorry but no plans as of yet to do a third printing of Departure.

    Gary -thanks for sharing. It’s a pleasure to read comments re: gifting the book/calendar and being enjoyed.

  32. Jim Parker says:

    I didn’t act quickly enough to buy a 2012 calendar. My vote is a definite YES for a 2013 edition!

  33. Alex says:

    Hey Bob, I would take one

  34. Mike says:

    Hell yes. You need to make a 2013 calendar. I Look at the 2012 calendar everyday. Think of the shizznizzles who ride nonporschizzles all day everyday. Yo!

  35. Kevin Fisher says:

    Do it! It’s earned its place on my office wall and it would be strange without it.!

  36. Justin Reed says:

    yes please , I’ll take one, so get into that workspace and start creating please.

  37. cris huergas says:

    Bob, you need a male model to pose next to the cars, I’m your man!

    what a scary thought that is huh… ; )

  38. Tom Michelsen says:

    Got 2 last year. Gave one to my daughter’s boy friend who sell’s P-cars at the Gold Coast dealership in downtown Chi-town….has it at his work desk…..has numerous requests as to its origin…..we need more!

  39. Craig Hardy says:

    Hells yeah dawg! I’d be all up in dat shit

  40. John Forcier says:

    You know I’ll have one…

  41. Giacomo says:

    Hi Bob, I missed the 2012 one… Give me one more opportunity!
    Please do it!

  42. Christian says:

    I need one for sure, Bob!

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