The title is from a Placebo song. The first pic is Rolly. The two have nothing to do with each other…sort of. SLOW MOTION SUICIDE is in reference to how the early Porsche scene has changed. Sometimes it’s less about enthusiasm and more about capitalism. Rolly is my reminder that the enthusiasm is alive and well and sometimes…I should take a break from reading the bulletin boards.

The rest of the pics are from the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

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  1. Bill Simmeth says:

    Bob, I say it every time — those pictures of Rolly are epic. The man embodies the hobby. Thanks for posting them. Hope to meet you both some day….

    Bill (aka Jonesy78)

  2. Karl says:

    Great pics Bob. Hmmm … capitalism run amok is a sometime impression, when its all about the dough, which sometimes happens with this hobby/passion. Sort of why i’ll miss Rennsport. Daytona was just all about the cars … get there, and stay at a cheap ass motel across the street with the beer, pizza and cheezo’s (thanks Lars) in the parking lot, after the show.

  3. John Glynn says:

    You should mail Hans that pic of the blue 911. Love that car!

  4. Bob Tilton says:

    Bill – earlier that day I ran into Rolly and was sort of expecting a request to remove my previous picture of him along with a punch in the face. Instead he asked for a copy. Great guy. I later snapped the above pic.

    Karl – cheap motels and P&B sandwiches are what it’s all about!

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