One of my favorite cars just got listed for sale. My good friend John Thornton is selling his Emory built outlaw “912R”. There are two things I can always count on at any CSRG event: 1) seeing John and his wife Petey in the paddock and 2) a cold beverage with my name on it for stopping by. BTW, John’s car is the featured car in this month’s Werk Crew calendar.

Read on:

Health Issues have cut short my racing career and I’m selling #902.  She is a pretty unique car. Excellent handling but never enough horsepower. I can stay close to, but not beat, well driven 2-liter 911s at Sears Point (2:04-2:05) and Thunderhill (2:17-2:20). There are a lot of Alfa 1600s and Lotus Cortinas to race with and there are more than a few 911s that have finished behind #902. Perhaps you’d keep the car in mind and mention it to someone who might be interested in one of our type of cars.

1967/8 Porsche 912 Vintage Racer

Chassis 12801894, manufactured 11/17/1967. Restored by Emory Motorsports in 2000/2001.

This car was completely rebuilt as a ground-up restoration with the purpose of creating a unique “912R” vintage race car; the car the factory would have raced. New front suspension mounting pan as well as new front and rear floor pans (left and right) were installed as were light weight steel doors, alloy rear deck lid and license plate panel and lightened fenders. Original restoration and race preparation carried out by Emory Motorsports to their exacting detail finish and “outlaw presentation”. Examples include 904 Oil temp, Oil Pressure and Fuel gauge, 7000 RPM red line tach, green window gauges, Le Mans roof top position lamps, Marchal Ampilux biode headlights, paint finish and original panel fit. Participant in the 2011 Porsche Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca Raceway and has been a regular competitor since 2002 with CSRG, HMSA and SOVREN.

Subject of cover story article in Excellence Magazine April 2003. Porsche never raced the 912. If they had, this is the car they would have raced.

Full interior including 2 RSR racing type seats (driver’s seat braced to Porsche Club Racing specifications). Full roll cage manufactured from DOM .090 and .125 steel tubing. Integral mounting for driver’s HANS seat belts. D.O.T. 5 point passenger seat belt and harness. Roll cage mounted adjustable head rest. 911 R-RS-RSR style door pads. Lightweight carpeting and headliner throughout interior.

Lexan windshield, rear window, door windows (including vent wing windows), and rear windows with rain-trays and vents included. Porsche R-RS-RSR style leather strap door window operating system and horizontal door latch pull.

Fuel Safe 17 gal Porsche fuel cell uses std Porsche fuel tank mounting points with direct top fill fuel filler. Halon fire system with 3 outlets (fuel cell, driver’s compartment, and under hood) manually activated. Full external shut-down electrical switch to shut off generator as well as ground when engine is running.

Minilite 15 X 6 alloy wheels with Yokohoma (used 2 races) 205/60X15 AO48 D.O.T. Racing tires. Optional 15 X 6 Fuchs Wheels with older Yokohama AO 48 tires.

Ventilated disc brakes front and rear as listed in the PCS for the specification period. Pagid Orange Brake pads fitted front and rear.

Neatrix bushings on front and rear suspension. Front and rear Racers’ Group adjustable, tubular sway bars.

Rebuilt, not numbers-matching, 902. 5 speed transmission. Gearing optimized for 912 HP and torque outputs:

A 1st gear      11:34      36

F 2nd gear      18:34      59

M 3rd gear      22:29      85

R 4th gear      25:27      104

V 5th Gear      27:25      121

1967 Porsche 912 engine. Shasta high compression pistons 83.5mm. 1620cc displacement (83.5 x 74). 12.5:1 compression ratio. Pistons dimpled for detonation relief and proper flame propagation. Correct 912 connecting rods (no oil hole in beam). Rods crack tested balanced, sized, polished, stress relieved. Crankshaft balanced (with pulley and flywheel) ground 1 under size, nitrated main and rod bearing journals and crack tested.

Cylinder heads gas flowed with emphasis on ?un-shrouding? valves.  Stock Porsche intake (38mm) and exhaust (34mm) valves. Double wound titanium valve springs and keepers.

External Canton Mecca canister type full flow oil filter (8 micron) plumbed in series with 7 row oil cooler mounted in left front fender behind the horn grille. Skirmants deep sump oil pan. Total oil capacity approximately 8+ quarts.

Engine freshly rebuilt (heads, valve job, rings, main and rod bearings). Major assemblies crack tested, rod re-sized, etc. with approx. 1 hour break in time only. Have engine dyno sheets showing over 140 HP @ 6,800RPM.


Contact HiTec Automotive, San Rafael, CA  415-258-9619  attention Devin Wailes

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  1. Ron says:

    Say it ain’t so! Best to JT to get well soon and a speedy return. Let us know when you’re building the next one 😉

  2. Phillip says:

    Beautiful car. Did a double take on the calendar hanging next to me. I’d recommend your friend post it over on Bring A Trailer ( They love Porsches.

  3. johnt says:

    Wow! What a complete surprise. Thanks so much for the plug Bob.

    Petey & I will continue to be at CSRG events as will cold beverages (and anything else you need that we can supply).

    God has blessed me with an exciting life and too many adventures on too many continents, however his best gifts have been the great and generous friends like you Bob.

    thanks again for the plug


  4. Bob Tilton says:

    My absolute pleasure to help a friend John!

  5. Mark Morrissey says:

    The car is well beyond spectacular and the owner is such a great person. I enjoyed hanging out with John at the last Treffen in Solvang. Fantastic of you Bob to help a friend. John, I’m not much of praying person but I’m forwarding you my best wishes to a positive, healthy outcome and a bright future.

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