So yeah…it’s been awhile.

I’ve been working on my studio and man…it’s been slow progress. I’m embarrassed at how long it’s taking me. I’ve been doing all the work myself and I just got done laying down the paint. Can’t figure out why it’s taking me so long. Then again it is a floor to ceiling make-over.

I skimmed the wall, originally knock down texture, three times and each time laid down a coat of primer thinking I could lay down color. Then I would see blemishes in a different light and skim and block sand again. Gotta stop being so anal.

I need my wErk space back. It feels like NOT having a foundation. I need to dock my Macbook Pro into a real monitor, keyboard and mouse. Not diggin’ a place to call my own.

Anyway, decided to process a few more images from the R Gruppe Treffen in Solvang.

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