You guys will have to pardon the lack of early Porsche content. As mentioned, I’m redoing my home-studio and have been floating around the house with my MacBook disconnected from my external hard drive which contains all of my RAW files. Also, the early Porsche scene is really dead here in NorCal. Yes, there have been a couple of events this week but I’ve been out of town.

With that said, earlier last week, my wife and I stayed in Moss Landing. It’s a small…small town outside of Monterey where nothing happens. It was a much needed getaway after being extremely busy with work for too long so I was fine with the idea of escaping to nothingness. However, because Moss Landing is so small, I’m fairly certain it’s is a place where catholic priests and educational employees hide from the law. Don’t bring your young kids here…too many predators.

The little getaway did give me the first opportunity to exercise the M9. We stayed at the Captain’s Inn (the blue building in the above pic). It was a nice place. The owner personally cooks and serves all the guests breakfast in the kitchen.

Also, freshly cut roses greet the guests…for an extra fee of course.

I couldn’t stop taking pics of the power plant in the background…the juxtaposition of the beautiful beachside landscaping with the doom-gloom stacks disappearing into the fog.

I’m pretty sure this was the lodging for the pedophiles. It’s next door to the Captain’s Inn. I saw a priest’s collar in one corner and football trophy in the other. Plus, it was located about 500ft from the school.

I really wanted to take this sink from the pedophile lodging and convert it into a credenza for my home-studio.

The view from the local cafe while waiting for our hot beverages to be enjoyed at the red table. They had a sign by the front door that read “We have the right to refuse service to pedophiles”.

If you ever feel the need to get away and do not much of anything then Moss Landing is the perfect escape. Just please tell me you stayed at the Captain’s Inn and not the place next door.

After a few couple days of doing nothing we had to get back home and do something. It kills me to relax. So back working on the home studio and smoothing out the knock down textured wall in the home studio which I desperately want to finish…soon.

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  1. Peter says:

    Nice to see some shoots out of the M9, – and it´s nice to know you have been talking time off to enjoy life, and some of the sweetness it can offer.

    If you have the lust to watch some early 911´s racing I attended the 2012 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix last weekend, and I took my 5DMKII with me, – a few pics are shared on my blog ( and some more will follow the upcoming days.


  2. Curt Egerer says:

    Is that crime scene tape in front of the Inn?

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Hey Peter – very much enjoy your site and attitude. Great pics or cornering vintage metal.

    Curt – I pretended not to see that tape during our stay.

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