I have no intention or turning this blog into a Leica fanboy site but c’mon…given the rare opportunity to share beautiful imagery taken by the red dot German rig of vintage German iron…well, I’m going to do so and all y’all will be better art appreciating folks because of it.

Paul Madden (user id Ferry Man on the DDK forums) recently reached out and welcomed me into the M9 brotherhood which in itself is proof of the Leica culture. I have never received “congrats” on the purchase of any of my previous cameras. I’m fairly sure that says something. Paul has been shooting with an M9 for the last year and recently posted up his beautiful-beautiful imagery on the DDK forum of the recent Classic Le Mans in France.

As you guys know, I rather enjoy “stacked foreground, middle-ground and background” compositions. This was a concern of mine early on in switching over to the new rig as I am accustomed to NOT zooming with my feet and composing with a zoom lens.

I find the fact that all of this great imagery was captured with a “fairly compact and simple” rig over the entire weekend. Imagine, not having to have a big DSLR with external flash and a bag of lenses with you at all times…over an extended weekend – liberating and yes – less is more as Paul clearly demonstrates.

I recommend you go grab your favorite beverage and set aside a block of uninterrupted life then click here to view the lethal combo of raw talent and pure enthusiasm of Paul’s work. Plus, you will enjoy other photo contributions as well. BTW, Paul won second place in the Werk Crew photo contest – see here. Matt Hart won first place but to Paul’s credit…Matt is a “professional”.

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  1. Jeroen says:

    Fanboy behaviour forgiven 😉

  2. Bootsy says:

    Paul is DDK’s unofficial official photographer! We’ve been admiring his work for many years and it’s good to see the word is spreading!

  3. I don’t even take my camera to events Paul is at now. No point. Much easier just to look at his when he gets back and the ‘in the moment’ ones off my phone! Hope your keeping well Bob!


  4. Bob Tilton says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Paul’s work but it some how eluded me that he has been shooting w a Leica. I tried to persuade him to start a blog but no luck.

  5. Randy Wells says:

    I personally voted for Paul’s photo in the contest. A bum is so much easier to look at than a tire..

    Keep up the good work, Paul (and Bob). And folks, don’t let their great imagery keep you from shooting. Photography teaches you how to see the world.

    Inspired by these guys (and others) I just completed a take for Excellence with just a 50mm lens. Loved it.

  6. Bob Tilton says:

    Randy – looking forward to your one lens feature!

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