I drank the Kool-aid. It was red…and quenching. While I was drunk on the elixir, I bought a Leica M9. The things I do.

So yes, that “something” I wanted was a Leica. If for no other reason than to simply explore the world of Leica. Originally, I set out to buy a used M8 and 28mm lens. Then I read too much, asked too many questions and reviewed too many photos. And when you think about it M9 has a nice ring to it. M9. 911. Not 811.

By this time, I had asked Ken Hansen, a Leica dealer since 1978, to look for an affordable (beat up) M9 for me. In between we exchanged emails. I got a sense of him and I suspected he got a sense of me. Finally an offer would come. He called it “the deal of the century”. I couldn’t dial his phone number fast enough. It was that damn good.

A package arrived on my door step containing a certified-preowned-like-new M9 with warranty. It had been through the Leica M9-P upgrade program which included sapphire LCD screen and Leica logo and M9 engraving delete on the top plate. I couldn’t have been more pleased. It is in absolute mint condition.

Ken reminded me of the type of people I like to do business with – old school, personal and knowledgable. The kind where you always interact with the person who makes the decisions and usually own the business. The kind of people who still handwrite receipts. I was not an invoice number.

In the end, Ken will get all my future Leica related business. Eventually when I recover from the body purchase, I’ll acquire a Leica lens from him. For now, I will have to make do with my Daniel Craiglist Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4 Nokton MC.

Should you guys need anything Leica related – I can fully recommend Ken Hansen. You’ll have to contact him by phone or email. He doesn’t have a website. Like I said…old school…212-879-3263 or khpny19@aol.com.

Now please excuse me, my bladder is full from the Kool-aid. I must go relieve myself then start taking pictures with my new rig.

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9 Responses to WHAT I LEICA ‘BOUT YOU

  1. Peter says:

    Congrats on the purchase Bob, I can now understand why you would part from your 5DMKII. Looking forward to see what you will make of the M9.


  2. Tenn says:

    Congrats Bob! enjoy! you make the right choice getting the M9 🙂

  3. Nick Psyllos says:

    Awesome Bob! Congrats on acquiring another fine piece of German engineering. Enjoy your new Leica and I’ll look forward to seeing your fine work. Very cool.

  4. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks all! Haven’t had much time to goof off with it yet. Spent my Sunday removing the acoustic texture from the ceiling of my home studio. Nasty work. Looking forward to becoming fluent with the Leica and seeing what I can do with it.

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    And Tenn – thanks for the guidance and advice!

  6. Curt Egerer says:

    Nice choice on the stealth version Bob! And a couple of other 911-related tidbits: ‘Leica’ was originally going to be Leca (Leitz and Camera) but a French camera company already had the name. Really. Also, 15 years ago the price of early 911’s used to be about the same as an M9 is today! 🙂

  7. Mark Morrissey says:

    I’d love to have a Leica but I’d have to sell everything I own and make sure I leave a little extra money to pay for the divorce

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well done Bob, congratulations. You’ll love it (but it will drive you mad…).
    Make sure you quickly get some Leica glass, it’s a different league.
    I look forward to seeing some images.

    Cheers, Paul.

  9. Chet Dawes says:

    What is going on…..new camera for ~7 days and no new images posted yet?!?!
    Come on Bob, we’re all eagerly awaiting the first images in a new phase of Tilton photography!
    (seriously looking forward to seeing some great shots)

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