Hit play and listen then read…seriously…do it. I’ll wait.

Tonight I sold the last of my Canon lenses. The X100 sold within a couple hours of listing on Daniel Craigslist. Now I’m staring at the 5DII and 24-105mm…I think I’m going sell it all. I will be camera-less. I really want that “something”.

The truth is I have enough funds from two weeks of purging to get into my original plan. However, that plan is changing or rather…upgrading. I’ve been talking to people and these people all say the same thing but that additional “something” is really expensive…like I can’t believe I let myself get this far down the path with my thoughts. It’s wrong on so many levels yet it feels right. Oh well…

Total randomness from the life of Bob. Follow along:

> Got a really nice email from Jeff Zwart complimenting me on my work. Yes, the Jeff Zwart – photographer, filmmaker and racing driver. To summarize, he basically said I was the best photographer in the world and wanted to know if I teach seminars…<glance left, pause, glance right>…at least that’s how I interpreted it. Totally made my day. I received his autographed book, Porsche 917 x 17, when my car won the R Gruppe GT Award in 2011. Check out the Car and Driver interview with Jeff here and the Porsche Panamera Family Tree commercial he did. No comment on the Panamera but big phat wow on everything else.

> When I posted the note about legendary automotive racing photographer Jesse Alexander, I sent off an email to the gallery to let them know I had done so. Well, I got a nice “thank you” email from the man himself. Also, he went on to say that my photography reminded him of a young Jeff Zwart…<glance up, pause, glance down>…that’s pretty much word for word . Jesse is working on a new website.

– Serge sent me a pic showing off the recent 10HP upgrade to “Veronica” – see below. Real honored to have a Werk Crew decal on his dream car, a 1987 911 with 57K miles. Thank you Serge!

Jeff from sent me link with pictures from the Porsche Club Mediterrannee  and Porsche Club 914 Meet in the south of France – see here for pure awesomeness.

I’ll be posting more randomness soon and let you guys know what I decided about my pursuit for that “something”. Need to unwind and digest some Jesse Alexander imagery.

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  1. Anise says:

    If you taught a seminar, I’d attend.

  2. Jeroen says:

    Jeff Black? Jesse Who?
    No wonder you’re getting rid of your photo gear…

  3. Peter says:

    Wow, – selling your 5D MKII, that something got to be very special…..

    Love your blog Bob, check it everyday, don´t own a 911 – but I´m seriously thinking about getting a 1970 E.

  4. Randy Wells says:

    Gee, just think how good you will be when you get your M9! 😉

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Randy – I know right?! 😉

    Peter – I’d love to add a G Wagon to my stable!

    Anise – very kind! A seminar in deconstructing your photographs…I suspect lots of demanded refunds. 😉

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