I decided I want “something”. This “something” is kind of pricey (to me, maybe not you). I made a deal with myself and my wife that if I could sell some stuff without having to dip into my savings or charge it then I could buy this “something”.

So I looked around the house and have already started listing and selling stuff on Daniel Craigslist. You always meet very interesting people on Daniel Craigslist…really interesting. Today I decided to eBay my old Filson bag that I bought at the flea market for $5. I didn’t know what it was at the time but just thought it was an awesome piece. Reminded me of all the things I like…quality item and craftsmanship built to last.

Anyway, turns out old Filson stuff is pretty desirable. See this eBay example here. At the time of this writing with over one day left – $127. Wow. Well, I can part with mine because I really want this “something” – see my eBay auction here. For those that can’t be bothered with a mouse click, this is the description:

This bag has been around the blocks several times and then some. It is not in the best condition. It has not gracefully aged at all. It’s stiff as cardboard and dirtier than your grandfather’s Pendleton.

With all that said…it’s cool as hell. You can not fake this beautiful patina. It’s got so much character and throws out such a great vibe. It’s nothing like you would find at Cost Plus. 

This is more of a display piece to set on top on your vintage Steelcase Tanker desk next to your Leica M3. Personally, I used it to store spare tools for my ’68 Porsche 911. 

Buy it. Love it. Appreciate how ugly yet beautiful it is.

Approx dimensions: 13″w x 9″h x 10″d. Fits perfect behind the front seats on the floor of a 911.

Will not ship International.

NOTE: It does not include the shoulder strap.

Now, I don’t expect to get that kind of money but now that I got all the vintage army gear to store all my stuff, I don’t need the bag.

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  1. Andrew Carrera says:

    Way cool, Bob. I’m a big fan of Filson’s and own about eight pieces of Filson’s hunting supplies and luggages. They wear like iron, but you already knew that!!! I just bought this filson ( just last month. I’d love to add your bag to my collection :-).

  2. Bob Tilton says:

    Nice bag Andrew! You can just tell that these are something special…very old school way of making things with the best materials. I’ve seen people converting them into camera bags by harvesting dividers from other bags. Really unique and way stylin’.

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