Jesse Alexander is one of my favorite photographers. He covered some of the most famous races, cars and drivers during the 1950s. I have three of his books, Porsche MomentsInside the Archives and Driven with the 30 piece postcard set. The the two books from Bull Publishing are signed and are my personal treasures purchased on two separate occasions at Laguna Seca.

I have not had the pleasure of personally meeting him although we have attended the same venues. I hope to one day gush in his presence, ask him stupid gear questions and sneak a peck on the cheek for all his wonderful contributions to motor-racing photography.

Go check out jessealexander.com for some newly edited and released 16mm footage from the era. Truly outrageous and an absolute treat!

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One Response to WE TOOK A BOAT

  1. Jason says:

    Got to see his showing at http://www.faheykleingallery.com/

    Just missed the opening night apparently but the big 4′ x 5′ prints were incredible. And expensive.

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