Enjoyed an afternoon walk along the grounds of the clinic with Bob today. The doctors have stopped sedating him as they feel his primary mental condition, the others are less concerning at this time, cannot be treated with modern medicine. Preliminary consults with the catholic church have begun and there is talk of Old World treatments. I managed to skim through his pocket notebook that he always keeps and there was handwriting I didn’t recognize in regards to having seen both the truth and the lies and an unwillingness to change his ways. Bob keeps talking about voices and wanting noise canceling headphones.

During our visit, he did show me some pics from Solvang and wanted me to post them along with his notes.

“This is Ray’s superb black 911 with R Gruppe side scripts. It won the coveted GT award this year. Well deserved Ray – congrats!”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Mark “MOMO” Morrissey. I nicknamed him MaMo.”

“Mark wore his best wheel to the event.”

“Rich’s slimmed down and less-is-pure ’66 911 all the way from the PNW being reflected in Dave’s RHD real ’73RS (with a rumored $60K paint job).”

Bob created those side scripts for Rich.

“Lee on the phone with his West Coast team of financial advisors. I overheard part of the conversation involving moving funds so that he could make an offer an a certain silver ’68L. BTW, that is a genuine ’68TR, owned by Stephen, next to Lee.”

“Papa Smurf hanging in the parking lot and smurfed off his ass by noon. He was cut off an hour later after offering Spike to me for lunch. Papa Smurf knows I’m half Vietnamese. Much love Mr. Aines!”

“Spike, Dave’s dog, bored off his ass and wanting to take a ride in a certain silver ’68L then eat Papa Smurf.”

“Despite the “Reserved Parking Event Signs” some civilian cars parked in the lot. Later found out they were R Gruppe members. Thought that was…lame. So many potentially good pics with rows and rows of early Porsches ruined by the occasional civilian cars. Oh well…they probably had good reason(s). It’s a “me” world after all.”

“At least this parking lot shot was not ruined by “civilian” cars.”

“A real RS in Jade Green owned by Scott. Striking color on this icon.”

“A walk back from lunch at the local brewery. One set of legs belonging to Jack who had been missing from the scene for several years to start a family. His Black Beauty is an icon. It was good to see both again.”

“Sunset dancing barefoot on a old 911. Heroin.”

“One of the four or five mules…I mean cars brought in from south of the border. The owners flew in on a private 747. They had to leave early…something about having to deal with 40-plus bags of trash on the side of the highway.”

Bob says he has lots more pics and plans to keep post processing them once all the medication has passed through his system. Apparently, the only medicine, nicotine and caffeine, that Bob feels are helpful are frowned upon at the clinic.

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  1. “Civilian” cars hahahaha, stealing that!

  2. Tom Morgan says:

    Sinnerman, thanks for passing along The Bob’s shots.

    Is it just me or does this illness have a Phaedrus/Robert Pirsig/Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Repair feel to it?

  3. johnt says:

    Please tell The Bob that I’m sorry if I ruined any of his shots. I parked my car in a row which contained no Porsches alongside a trailer and though it out of the way. sorry

  4. Vintage Seats says:

    Awesome shots bob.
    My fav Treffen out of the 8-9 I’ve been too.

    I know there was an Audi parked up the front that was pretty rude the whole weekend.

  5. Justin says:

    Am curious about the RHD RS … a rarity in Nth America, and I wonder if it has any Australian history? Is there a chassis number that could be shared?

  6. Rich Lambert says:

    I knew I parked next to that black Carrera for a reason…nice pics!

  7. Mark Morrissey says:

    It was my pleasure to meet you Bob. I took a few photos of you too but they’re all out of focus.

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