Project Cockpit Revisited is…done! I am going to take pics of the completed interior with my good camera and properly present it after Solvang.

Meanwhile, please go to this link here and read on.

Right now I am totally hummin’. I mean stinking. Really. My BO is so bad I could get a job as a clerk at the local convenient store. The last long day spent in the garage and I celebrated by firing up a fag, pouring myself a stiff Red Bull on the rocks and pressing track 11 from the new Black Keys CD…then a nice drive.

<bobbing head, deep throat burning drags cooled by pixie stick liquid>

I am such an awesome project manager. Since starting PCR two months ago, I anticipated this day to be my last day in the garage. Thank the Dark Lord below…


<the sound of scratching record followed by silence>


err…I mean, the Good Lord above for Reminder apps. Everything was completely planned out on my iPhone and it was constantly belting out orders. Like a good soldier I followed them. I am ready to take my leave of absence and road-trip to Solvang with days to spare. I cannot wait to enjoy the open road.

First, let’s back track to yesterday. Yes, the final pieces of the puzzle arrived yesterday. I added a NOS Fulton MX-991/U flashlight. It will of course companion with the military gear in the Rear Partition.

Also, as Paul guessed…the seats arrived. Not just any seats. 911R seats from Vintage Seats. But not just 911R seats from Vintage Seats – these seats were custom ordered so far off the menu that well…they’re the first of their kind.

Personally, I think Michael Eberhardt of Vintage Seats deserves a separate blog post. This is more so announcing that PCR is done. There’s a long story to tell that involves more than just the purchase of seats. So I am going to blog about it later. For now, I have to whole-heartedly thank Michael for having such a high threshold for “clients with special needs” (code for PIA). The service was absolutely stellar and the seats are beyond phenomenal!

Now excuse me while I go take a shower. Hit replay again on the track above.

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  1. Mark Morrissey says:

    Great looking seats Bob. I hope you get your mileage issue worked out so I can see this beast in Solvang 😉

  2. Jason says:

    Love these projects Bob… I can attest that those seats will be comfy, I have an R model mounted up in the 356.

    I’ll be waiting to read about the tweaks you made ME suffer through!

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