Project Cockpit Revisited is getting close to done!

The 10K tach conversion from North Hollywood Speedo arrived on my doorstep, for the second time, earlier in the week. I had rejected the first version because the “default” white didn’t match my original tach. Apparently, color matching is a service offered at additional $85 which was willingly paid so that it would appear as if the car was ordered 44 years ago with a 10K tach and the entire gauge cluster would be unified. Additionally, I had requested to match the opaqueness of the original tach because the first version was a little translucent. I’m very pleased with the color match and have to thank Hartmut, owner of NHS, and staff! Color matching is something I do at work. I recently finished developing CMYK values for all the fabrics for The North Face’s 2013 collection. The catalogs are on press now. Anyway, if you’re having gauges redone, I would imagine there is a canister sitting on the shelf at NHS with my formula. Ask for it if you want to feel special. It’s called “PIA Tilton Off-White”.

Also, the roll bar wrap is done. I researched several period examples before making a decision.

I purchased some “special” three-inch vinyl tape from a 4×4 outfit but decided to pursue a more refined option as seen below.

I tapered the foam padding purchased from Jeg’s with a orbital sander then delivered the roll bar to my go-to upholstery guy Alex of Alex’s Upholstery in Walnut Creek. It was advised that I use the regular foam padding as opposed to the SFI-Approved material for a street car. I’m not going to get into the debate of roll bars in street cars as it has been thoroughly debated numerous times. BTW, the roll bar is from TRE and is their 911R version. I purchased this several years ago while at German Auto Fest in Ventura, CA.

Anyway, as expected Alex did a fantastic job – on time and on budget. It’s great to thoroughly discuss all the details of a project before executing just to make sure we’re both on the same page even if it’s just a simple roll bar wrap. I didn’t want any wrinkles around the bends or darts. Plus I requested a zipper rather than velcro. Not sure when velcro was invented but it didn’t seem period correct. 😉 No really. No wink-ee smiley face.

While the roll bar was in Alex’s possession, I decided to redo the radio delete panel. The previous version was short in height but not obvious until I removed the knee pad trim. Luckily, I had some left over door panel material.

So with the redone tach, redone knee pad, wrapped roll bar and radio delete panel all done and installed this week – the interior is nearly complete. All that is left is to install these two secrets that arrived today. They’ll twist you inside.


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  1. Paul says:

    Wow, that box looks remarkably similar to the Vintage Seat box that arrived here a few weeks ago.

  2. tim lindner says:

    I painted my bathroom in Tilton White. But then I redid it in egg shell.

  3. Ron says:

    WOW!!! that is just insane. can’t wait to see it! I’m about to send my tach into the same guys to mod so it will work with my STi ecu, looks like I wont be disappointed.

  4. Dave Pugh says:

    Cool stuff, Bob. Looking forward to seeing all of your hard work in person.

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