One. Two. Just like that it came to me.

One. I have a Rear Partition in my car. It is a “copy” based on the original Porsche part (901 555 085 00). John Goriup fabricated it based on access to an original. He did a fantastic…better than fantastic job. For the most part it has not been properly utilized since installed a few years ago. You don’t see these too often but at least one 911R had the Rear Partition (photo credit Cramer).

Two. I like military gear. It’s simple, rugged and functional. No garnish. Less is pure – something I firmly believe in all aspects of life.

Combining the two, I think, must have subconsciously started when I bought a military blanket over a year ago at the flea market – see here. I’ve kept it in the front trunk of the car. Also, I totally dig my military issue 1973 Hamilton watch – see here.

So I started searching “Vietnam Era Military Gear” and learned about M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment. Hmmm…my dad served in ‘Nam…I was born there…what if my Dad bought a ’68 911L while in service and I inherited the car along with the M-1956 gear? That’s believable…except my dad only buys American made cars and all military gear was mandatorily returned upon discharge. Oh well, it didn’t stop me from going on an ebay spending spree (medical/compass pouch, small arms case, ammunition cases, medical dressing/compass case, deceased contents pouch, NOS duffle bag).

The deceased contents pouch was a clean way of containing all the glove box contents. I was undecided on deleting the glove box door until I could find a way to clean up the cluttered appearance. It is dated “1968”…very appropriate.

Taking in some of the details of an era long passed.

The M-1956 gear is a very functional and “period-correct” solution for holding all necessary tools and spare parts and now, finally, the Rear Partition is functional. One. Two.

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  1. Kevin Brooks says:

    My parents still have and use the green blanket from when my dad was in Vietnam. Its held up all these years without falling apart. Love the details Bob. Your an inspiration to get my ass working on my 911.

  2. 356sal says:

    I re-purposed some of my Dad’s gear for hunting and fishing trips as well! That stuff is well made and well designed.

  3. Funny.. you should see the 1st aid kit i picked up for Fritz. West German Issue NATO black leather first aid kit, dated 1963. maybe a little early, but still period.

  4. Jason says:

    Insane. Very well done, Bob!

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks all! The M-1956 gear just seems so appropriate – like chocolate and peanut butter.

  6. Marius says:

    That’s fucking awsome!! Reusing old stuff rocks too.

  7. Xavier says:

    Fucking crazy, but fucking BRILLIANT !!! Looks gorgeous .

  8. roy says:

    che stile!!!!

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