EDIT: I am updating this post here based on the “ugly and cheap” comment. I full on appreciate the honest feedback. Opinions are more than welcomed and I genuinely respect them.

I am in total agreement. I would even add “campy”, “distasteful” and “out of place”. But to me…that is the appeal. This would never have been created by the designers at Porsche. These things were done by mechanics who valued function. Personally, I think there are several other ugly and cheap add-ons by mechanics that somehow work by pure function – think helmet boxes bolted to the rear seat bottoms or wood door boxes bolted to the doors or crudely wrapped roll bar covers. They are all very “ungentlemanly”.

For the record, this is not the last of the ugly and cheap additions to Project Cockpit Revisited. I have more planned…with pride.

Guess where I’m heading with this “vintage” label maker? Yep. Poserville. Population: Bob.

It’s a detail that I like (photo credit unknown).

Maybe too serious for a street car so I added my humor. Couldn’t decide on “HAPPINESS” or “MEDICINE” for the cigarette lighter. I aways refer to my smoke breaks as “time for my meds” so it was an easy decision.

BTW, I do know how to spell “BLOWER”. More humor. Can’t always be so serious.


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6 Responses to I KNOW THE PIECES FIT

  1. jason says:

    The labels look really cheap and ugly.

  2. Marius says:

    Yep they look cheap and ugly… And cool. Kinda of like some of the regrettable ink on my skin done decades ago…. Before ink was cool.

  3. Scott Clarke says:

    I love the archaic quality the labels have in this day of digitally produced everything. 10 years ago they were cheap and ugly. Now they remind us how much and how quickly things have changed.

  4. having quit more than two years ago, i have to say, although i am glad i quit, i still miss my medicine every once in a while. thanks for the chuckle. BTW, i like the detail. its one of those love or hate it things. its all about purpose of your ride.. and intent. and as far as opinions..

    Mildewed and smoldering. Fundamental differing.

    yup. some just get what it’s about.

  5. John Glynn says:

    Poserville. Population: Bob.

    Hahahaha, you are awesome mate 😉

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