So it has been said that I’ve “lost it” based on my current mindset and what I’ve recently presented thus far in Project Cockpit Revisited. I totally disagree. I never had it.

I want the ultra-rare Recaro seat sliders to go with the lightweight seat brackets but those parts are going for stupid money. No can do.

So here is my “inexpensive-creative alternative” which are very similar to the originals. I bought this after-market kit, sliders and seat mounting brackets, a couple years ago suspecting they might work. I’m taking a chance with this unknown arrangement but willing to do so because I don’t like the current market offerings.

I had everything media blasted by the local powder-coating shop for $78 and decided to paint them aluminum to match the clear zinc coating of the originals.

I don’t need the box frame seat mounting brackets since I have the light weight seat brackets from ST-Classics. Luckily, they both mate up perfectly thus far, as seen below, but I still need to get the seats so it still could be a failure.

What will make this a bit more convincing to the untrained eye is that the Recaro adjusting knob fits perfect to the lever. See how the one knob in front cleaned up nicely with headlight plastic polishing compared to the unpolished two in the back. This method worked better than bathing the knobs in Forever Black for two weeks…only someone who has “lost it” would try that. Oh that would be me.

The end result is “rather convincing”. Hopefully, fingers crossed, the seats will bolt directly to the rails. I would like to faux patina the finish. I was watching Face off on the tele and the guy managed to create an aged metal look by spritzing water on spray painted metallic surface then spraying with black paint. Any tips from the creative-industrial-types out there?

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  1. Rich Lambert says:

    Nice…can’t wait to see all this PCR stuff in person.

  2. john says:

    Wow bob, they look great. I just mocked up the same brackets to see for myself and the are a really close fit. The question is does the holes in the runners match the after market seats location or will new holes be needed. Watching with interest

  3. Tom Michelsen says:

    Where did you acquire your rubber floor mats?
    Tom in Indiana

  4. Bob Tilton says:

    John – I’ve been working with Michael, owner of Vintage Seats, and at this time we expect everything to bolt into place without modifications. Originally, I wanted the “undrilled” from VS but then decided to drill them because it was better to adapt the sliders to the seat rather than the seats to the sliders. His drill/hole locations. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get a set of original sliders or maybe someone will repro them.

    Tom – the rubber floor mats as seen in this posting are OE. I managed to find a super nice set. Most sets I’ve seen being offered are in terrible condition with the heel area completely worn. A full set of front and rear mats are heavy by comparison to the corrugated mats that were also used “back in the day”. There will be a future post just on mats as I wrap up that project.

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