It was Saturday, July 31st…time to get our early Porsche fix and attend the “First-Saturday-of-the-Month-EASY-Meet” in Emeryville, CA. Except it wasn’t the first Saturday of the month and most everyone drove their “other cars”.

Everyone was getting their vegetable juice. It was V8 day. In attendance: ’72 Pantera, ’67 Chevelle 396, ’66 Shelby GT350, ’68 Z28, a 944 V8 and 914V8. The non-vegetable juicers:  ’65 Renualt racer and an old Alfa racer.

Like a “won’t get out of bed for less than $10K a day” super-model, the ’65 Renault was striking its best “magnum” pose all day long.

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