As mentioned, I’ve been collecting parts for couple-few years anticipating Operation Cockpit Revisited. Almost missed out on these Britax 3-point harnesses from ebay UK because the seller only offered “local pick up only”. Luckily I know good people so I called in a favor from my friend Andy Boyle who made all the arrangements for me. Thanks Andy!

The decision to go with Britax instead of Repa came after consulting with both Tom Callahan and Tim Barker based on the the respect I have for their approach and mindset to projects. Tom built up one of the most outrageous ST tribute cars which is fully documented here on the E911SREG and Tim is currently restoring a 911TR which utilizes Britax- see here. The Repa harnesses being offered by a gentleman in Canada are stunningly beautiful and probably period correct for my car but they are a mixture of repro and refurbished parts and I’m going original and patina.

The one thing I haven’t got 100% confirmation on is the color combo of the labels. These are usually yellow with black text but everything else is the same. I know that the labels are being reproduced so I can always opt to swap them out but I do like white/red combo. Let me know if you guys insight on the matter.

The labels cleaned up nicely with a toothbrush dipped in diluted Tide detergent.

Pulled these original factory supplied eye bolts from a ’68 912. They’ll replace the later hard rubber coated versions I had refurbished with Plasti Dip. I had always thought the rubber eye bolts were correct for my year but as mentioned these came from a ’68 so maybe they transitioned mid-year to the hard rubber versions as stock was depleted from the Porsche parts shelves. Either way, I like these ones better because they’re easier latch in-out with the larger holes. The two on the left have been cleaned up by wire brushing and metal polish.

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  1. If i recall correctly there is an image of McQueen driving the 917 in LeMans wearing a Britax harness with white and red, just like you have. So i think this is a correct option. I also think it may have to come down to preference -i think the red and white just looks better imho. I have a black and yellow retractable set i bought from ebay germany, but am debating finding another option (either white and red label Britax like yours, or repa), because a) yellow and black in a burgundy car doesnt really go perfectly and b) because I am reconsidering reels for fixed harnesses. sigh.. decisions.

    regarding the bolts, my 68 912 (2/68 build) has the round ones like you found. I cannot remember what the 67 parts car had.. i want to say the same..

  2. Dave Klein says:

    Just checked out a friends newest project. It is the 11th 68 911 Targa built, and a pretty original example. It has original Porsche labeled and tagged American Safety seatbelts. Obviously from the original dealer and they are attached to the earlier oblong vinyl covered eyebolts. So it looks like they were still using the earlier style eyebolts at least on the earliest 68 cars. Dave

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Very interesting Dave. My ’68 is from later production and had the vinyl eyebolts. Maybe all ’68s were vinyl eyebolts?

  4. Dave Klein says:

    The same friend just sold off a 68 911 coupe of later manufacture (golden green beautiful car). I will ask if he recalls what type anchors it had , as it was also a pretty unmolested example. Think I have gone through the same process as you re: Britax harnesses. I have the correct bits to have a Repa set made up, but decided they were more a 70s item.( My car is a 66 911). I found a pair of retractable Autoflugs with faded labels( original orange faded to yellow). Pretty cool but still from a newer era than my car. Finally picked up 2 pairs of the Britax vintage harnesses. Both black webbing. One pair nos in the boxes with yellow tags, the other pair with light patina and tags missing. I think the yellow will look great on my Polo red car. Yours in the red /white are very cool , and those in the know will realize they are all original. I have not seen red/white replacement tags, only seen the yellow/black available.

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Hi Dave – the yellow tag versions look so appropriate in a SWB. I have yet to find a nice used set at a decent price. I know someone is making them on the E911SREG but the price is way too much for me. Until then, I am content with my set.

    I agree on the Repa comment.

  6. Dave Klein says:

    Hi Bob, are your Britax harnesses “handed”? I have 2 pairs, and all 4 harnesses have the buckles on the left side when installed in the car. Can’t decide if they should mirror each other like factory seatbelts, or if I am over thinking this. (Also have 2 Vintage Autoflug harnesses that were installed in a car many years ago, and they are not handed.) I have a single red Britax harness with patina and red white tags I will be selling soon if you know anyone in need of a single.. The buckle on that one is on the right and of a different style. Also thanks for your efforts on the MoMo steering wheel hub refinishing. I think your efforts help a lot people. Dave

  7. REIDAR Funderud says:

    Hi Bob.
    I just bought some harnesses that look just like yours. There is some orange tags on the left anchor hook on the lapbelt that I guess contain the production date.
    It says “6028” witch I guess is the model. Then there is “0045.470”.
    Would you know if any of theese numbers contain a production date?
    Best regards Reidar Funderud.

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