I am no longer ashamed. I admit it. I am a fan of the almighty and heaven-sent Adele. Yep. That’s right. This admission from the guy who listens to Marilyn Manson, Joy Division, Johnny Cash, 16 Horsepower, The Birthday Massacre…all music to “suicide yourself by”.

I was completely unaware of Adele until two months ago. I don’t listen to the radio or watch much tv. All too mainstream and indigestible. She escaped me even though she’s been tearing up the charts for the last couple-few years. I heard her name before but she was always mentioned with the current forgettable “divas”. Actually I thought she was an American Idol contestant. Yep, I am that naive to what’s happening in popular music.

Then one day I saw her on tv. Un. Freaking. Real.

Behind closed doors with securely inserted earbuds, I did a little research. All things pointed towards approval. The names associated with her like Rick Rubin. The people who were covering her songs like Linkin Park. The songs she coverd…the Cure’s Lovesong. Interesting.

Sometimes at work we do listen to the radio but I’d rather listen to my iPod. However, every once in awhile I would hear “that” song above my music. I didn’t know who it was but I would go turn up the radio. People knew they weren’t allowed to talk while it was playing and that I required a box of tissues. It was my “Desparado-Seinfeld” moment. It turned out to be Adele’s Someone Like You. Total suicide music.

Should you guys ever see an early silver Porsche bouncing down the road with an Amer-asian guy who looks Latin screaming out an Adele song…well that will be me and I will not be ashamed.

Tonight she swept the Grammys and rightfully so. Long live Adele. May she never be found drowned in a bathtub.

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  1. Ron says:

    That pretty funny Bob. I did a solo 100 mile bike ride from Alameda to Davis yesterday and had 21 on the iPhone playlist, belting out lyrics thru the backroads but always checking my 6 to make sure there wasn’t another cyclist sucking my rear wheel laughing there ass off at my tone deaf rendition of Lovesong and Someone Like You. Rest of the playlist is slightly more upbeat with Black Keys and Mumford and Sons to keep up the pace 🙂

  2. mark says:

    Guys, I’m hearing what your saying but unfortunately she has been on the heaviest rotation in the UK for the last couple of years which is enough to try the most catholic of music tastes. However a remix of Rollin’ In The Deep by a friend and Drum n’Bass producer Nu:tone had me listening fresh again. Before, it was suicide for entirely different reasons. While we’re blabbing music, have you checked out the movie Drive? Fantastic film and soundtrack to boot by ex Chili’s man Cliff Martinez.

  3. Bob Tilton says:

    Everyone keeps mentioning Drive which I have yet to see. Couldn’t get excited about Gosling driving a Mustang but I hear it’s good so it’s in the Netflix que.

    BTW, that Seinfeld episode is actually on tv right now.

  4. Jim Parker says:

    My musical taste tends to run on the heavy side (i.e. Alice in Chains), but then I am from the Northwest. I absolutely love Adele too. Her voice is insane, but it’s also the way she carries herself, and how she is just so stunned that this is all happening to her. Very refreshing.

  5. Tom Michelsen says:

    Just finished a visit to Melbourne (down under) to see my daughter.
    She loves Adele and made me listen to her constantly.
    Adele is extremely popular with the Aussies.

    Tom in Indiana

  6. Music, like motorsports, is passion. Its what you feel deep inside your inner belly. Whether it’s Son House, Tool, or Adele.. if you feel it, that’s what matters most and that’s what makes good music. I for one am glad that a true talent, that is not spoiled or self centered, and is an all around average person -dare i say a real person, finally got the recognition they deserved.

  7. Keith Adams says:

    Another “closet” Adele fan here Bob. She sure can belt it out. Fine by me!

  8. Al Kosmal says:

    I also attempt to filter out the mainstream shite…………………..but when you’re good, you are…gooood. Adele worked her way into my brain and then it was all over. My daughter and I feed each other links to musicians/artists that we think are interesting. Adele was one that I received from her….the latest interesting singer is Melody Gardot……



  9. Randy says:

    on my way back from a family trip from TN to OH (I live in Ohio) I tuned into a NPR station and caught the tail end of this


    My wife has always liked the mainstream music (blah) but there is something about her voice… Take a half hour and listen to that!

  10. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks Randy – I’ll give it a listen!

    The Melody Gardot is really…really mellow. Great voice but keep wanting her to belt out some harder hitting vocals.

    Really surprised about all the Adele fans. Just goes to show great music transcends all boundaries.

  11. MARIUS says:


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