Hopefully you guys have enjoyed staring at Randy Wells’ beautiful ’72 T/ST for the past 29 days. I hesitated to include any written captions pertaining to the owners of the cars featured in the calendar in fear that the info would be outdated by the time the month appeared. So I’ll be asking for a little write up from each owner each month. Check out what my good friend Randy, automotive journalist and photographer for Excellence, had to say:

This is one of the best shots I’ve seen of my car. Bob has such a great eye. He always surprises me with his simple yet elegant graphic sense and composition.

My “white car” is one of two 1972 911s I’ve owned for about fifteen years. You may have seen it featured in R Gruppe News, Esses, and Excellence magazine. It started out as a completely stock Light Ivory 2.4 MFI 911T with tired motor and fresh paint. I had it converted to an “RS” look 3.2L powered autocross car in the late 90’s. My co-driver and I subsequently had some success competing in it at PCA and SCCA events across the country. When the car finally needed some bodywork and paint in 2010, it was modified to an “ST” look with RS 3.6L Varioram engine, dual fender coolers, and 8 & 9×15 Fuchs wheels.

This is the form in which you see it here. Bob’s photo was made at the 2011 R Gruppe Treffen event I attended in Monterey. It was one of those rare times when the host hotel parking lot was nearly empty. I think I was sleeping in or eating breakfast, and everyone else was out on an early morning drive.

Two days before I had given the renovated 911 a shake down run at California’s Buttonwillow Raceway with my R Gruppe pals. I was curious to see if my changes in making the suspension softer would still be appropriate for track work. I was pleasantly surprised that they were, and I had a blast being back in the saddle again.

I’m cranked on this car. It’s very personal in nature and despite rumors to the contrary, “Not for sale.” I’m keeping the graphics simple and the set-up functional. It’s all about driving fast on race circuits and vacant country roads for me. It has a very large custom gas tank so I can go anywhere, but the build’s not finished yet. Like the best things in life, it’s a process and open to change. 

Be sure to check out Randy’s beautiful work on his blog by clicking here. Thanks Randy!

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2 Responses to SHE’S LIKE A GHOST TO ME

  1. Paul says:

    I am sorry not to see this photo hanging on the wall of my office anymore. Hard to believe that I had to turn the page already. Thanks for the 31 days Randy.

  2. Randy Wells says:

    Thanks, Paul. It’s Bob I need to thank for choosing to photograph my car so beautifully and placing it in his calendar. I love how he captured the “duck-less” rear end reflected in the building glass. Spectacular.

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