Figured it was time to address some FAQs. See above or below.

What makes you so special that you started a blog? Nothing. I just take pictures and share them. Are you special?

Can I advertise my company or business on Werk Crew? No. Werk Crew is ad-free…for now.

Will you add my personal web site, blog or tumblr to your links page? It depends. I am extremely selective about the links that appear on Werk Crew. As you can see – I’m very much into creative individuals doing cool-artistic things and sharing it with the world. If your site is self-serving, as in no links to other sites, then the answer is straight up “no”. If you don’t support others then why should others support you?

Can I add a Werk Crew link to my website? Ah hell yeah…and really you don’t need my permission. I’ll go ahead and thank you in advance for the support.

Can I send you our product to review? I don’t formerly review products. Everything that has appeared on Werk Crew has been purchased by me and I sometimes voluntarily express my opinion.

Can I use the content or photos from Werk Crew? Yes, if it’s for personal reasons (blogs, tumblrs, etc). Please provide credit and link back to Werk Crew. It’s always very flattering for my work to get mentioned or make an appearance on web sites, blogs and tumblrs. Please do not alter or remove my watermark from photos. For business or advertising purposes, please contact me to discuss permission and/or rates.

Who cuts your hair? Grace Chen.

What camera do you use? All images on Werk Crew are taken with one of four cameras: Canon 5DII, Fuji X100, Leica D-Lux 4 or iPhone.

Are you an R Gruppe member? Absolutely! As well as an Early 911S Registry and a certain other club that I’m not allowed to talk about. I can only divulge that I have been appropriately assigned as Member No. 13. I do not belong to PCA ’cause I know nothing about wine, cheese or golf.

How did you get that effect or what kind of post processing did you do to that image? I randomly press keys with my eyes closed. Sometimes that’s how I takes pics too.

Where do you live? Pleasant Hill, CA which is in the the suburbs east of San Francisco.

Why are you so mean spirited? Because the cheerleaders in jr. high threw me in garbage cans on a weekly basis.

Do you freelance your photography or graphic design? Depends on the project. I keep busy with a full-time job and the Werk Crew stuff. However, shoot me an email so we can discuss as I am always interested in expanding my horizons.

Do you sell prints of your photography? I recently purchased an “exhibition quality” printer and will soon be offering prints for sale.

How old are you? Shame on you for asking but if you must know – 29…again.

How many visitors a day frequent your site? Again, shame on you but if you must know – it’s like 29 million.

What do you do for a living? I work at a commercial offset printer in the prepress department as the “Photoshop Guy”.

Contact me at bobt@werkcrew.com for less frequently asked questions.

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6 Responses to FAQ

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for the info….I almost feel like I know you. Maybe I could buy you a Mocha at Starbucks sometime – oh wait, BTDT

  2. Mark @ MWA says:

    Made me laugh, Bob.

    Still enjoying your book and blog.

    And still trying to talk my Mrs into an old 911 as a practical family car, with two small kids, no garage, on the streets of London. It could take a while.


  3. Mark Morgan says:

    I am quite possibly a greater fan of your mean spiritedness than your car. Possibly.

  4. John Straub says:

    No advertisers…thumbs up!!!!

  5. HA! I am glad to know i wasn’t the only one stuffed in garbage cans in school. Love the blog and the FAQ. Viva la SWB!

  6. John Glynn says:

    Cool. I was JUST about to ask who cuts your hair!

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