Inspired. Inspire. Inspired. This is how I want to go through life.

It is the end of the day. I get home from work after getting dinner “to-go”. There is a package at the front doorstep. It’s from Jeroen Berloth of 9 Gear. He had emailed me for my address several days ago and I didn’t ask why. I like surprises. As it would turn out I was surprised…but more so…speechless.





<huge gap to simulate being speechless – just in case you guys think I just have a thing for negative space> 







My dinner got cold. In my hands was Jeroen’s beautifully self published book titled Year One – A Photo Journal. It put me on my ass. Unbelievable. I have always considered Jeroen a partner in artistically bringing the early Porsche culture to the “internet surface”. So to be holding his epic efforts in hard copy form was truly a pleasurable moment.

As I leafed through the book and read the hand written inscription and the “thank you” page, it seems I am partially responsible for the creation of Year One. Also, I thought how “appropriate” that I had received Year One today since it is exactly one year and one day since I released my self published book.

This book is truly a heart felt gift. However, the real gift is having inspired someone to create…to permanently and passionately mark their spot in this world…in our early Porsche culture world.

I was inspired to create Departure. Year One was inspired by DepartureYear One has now inspired me to create…the next book. This is what I have been waiting for. For things to come full circle.

Inspired. Inspire. Inspired. It’s a good life and a great escape.

Year One , book five of six, will find a prized spot next to my most favorite things. I am honored. Congrats and thank you Jeroen!

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  1. EJ says:

    J E A L O U S !

  2. Jeroen says:

    Glad to see the book finally made it to your doorstep.
    Truely humbled seeing it featured here on your blog… The honor & thanks are all mine!

    I find it rare to be really inspired lately.
    There’s lots of great stuff out there, but very little that really tickles me enough to actually make me wanna do something new and/or push my own boundaries. You’re one of the rare people capable of doing that.

  3. 356sal says:

    Sweet looks like some nice images and ideas,can’t wait to see it first hand. Do you know if it will be available at L.A. Lit show ?

  4. Matt Hart says:

    Congrats Jeroen, the book looks beautiful.

    To Bob Tilton…don’t underestimate your influence in this ever-expanding community. You have, through your photos/philosophy via WerkCrew and Departure, inspired a bunch of likeminded Porsche enthusiasts worldwide!


  5. Very nice. When and where will these be available?

  6. Mark Morrissey says:

    Can we cuss here? That’s F-ing cool!

  7. Bob Tilton says:

    Thanks again to Jeroen for the wonderful book!
    And thanks to all who take the time to share their great photography on this great culture!

  8. Randy Wells says:

    Inspired, inspire, inspired.

    Great wisdom in those words. That’s why I visit this site and the sites linked to it!

  9. Dad says:

    Dear Son,

    The book is wonderfull and I’m very happy having this as a present for my birthday.
    When I be old and (perhaps) no more capable to drive my Porsche, it will be still
    a book to remember the good old day’s.
    About the fault you think it was, don’t be a blockhead because it was the only thing I’did right.
    As proud as a peacock.

  10. drknauf says:

    mine just came in by mail today

    thnx guys 8)

    some great shots in there Jeroenimo

    it inspires me too to make a photobook with some of my shots in it 😉

    drknauf greets all of you porsche die hards over here .


  11. Bob Tilton says:

    You should do it! With places like Blurb every photographer should put together a body of their work!

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