Last night while I was making arrangements to safely park the P car into the warehouse overnight at work, the owner of the company said to me “You need to buy a more reliable car.”

Seriously? This is only the second time this car has left me stranded in ten years. The part cost was $75 and I fixed it in the parking lot in 20 minutes. No tow. No four figure repair bill.

However, I did start looking at the WEVO or Rennshift options. Not for me. Both use the 915 housing and change the stock appearance. Yes, I would get more precise shifting with a more modern feel but damn it I like the bus lever slop and feel of the stock shifter. I accept that my car is 43-years-old and love it for that very reason. Just not really interested in all these hi-tech re-engineered after market parts for these vintage cars. I don’t want my car to be classic on the outside and modern on the underside. Maybe that’s just me and maybe I’m a bit “off”. Ironically, today my buddy Steve from work handed me a 915 shifter. He keeps Porsche parts in his office. So maybe it’s a sign I should buy the WEVO shifter. Plus, Hayden, the brainchild and owner of WEVO, is here in the Bay Area and I like supporting local businesses. That and my lovely wife has already offered to buy it for me for my birthday.

Anyway – check out how the metal fatigued on old lever base. If you have any insight as to how it happened then please comment. All bushings replaced (shift lever, tunnel and coupler) as well as the guide plate before install.

Need to thank Jim from EASY for sending me a very nice condition shifter. These are hard to find and I suspect he pulled it from his secret stash.


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  1. Jeroen says:

    Maybe fifth is adjusted a tat too much to the right, putting too much strain on the base?
    Get over yourself and get the WEVO shifter!

  2. Mark Morrissey says:

    I’m pretty sure you can have a Wevo shifter set up to look stock… could be wrong though

  3. Scott Clarke says:

    Buy the Wevo coupler and keep the original shifter – the best of both worlds. Make sure you buy a new reverse lockout plate for the original shifter. They are available from Porsche for cheap, and totally eliminate crunching of reverse under any circumstances. With the new plate and new OEM shifter bushings, and the Wevo coupler, your car will shift like a dream, and look the part while doing it.

  4. Andy Agar says:

    Stock or not my WEVO set up is the Bollxxs.

    Mind you I’m not known for my artistic twist.

    Happy New Year from the (deeply) snow covered Alp’s.


  5. Mike says:

    Bob, aside from all of the above, when I rebuilt my 901 shifter & coupler I added the two additional Weltminster ‘helper’ springs into the shifter. It is absolutely a must. It provides more resistance for 1st/Reverse, and takes 100% of the guesswork out of the Reverse/2nd/4th hunt. No more worries EVER. All for $50. The only other (essential) shifting upgrade I did was change the tranny mounts to Wevo. That’s an immediate improvement that you can benefit from even if you do go with a Wevo shifter later.

    Save your money and try that first. After all, you only interact with the car in a few ways and the factory Porsche shifter is an important one. If you want to sanitize the experience by all means swap in an aftermarket shifter…


  6. John Straub says:

    Bob, keep the faith…stay with the old stuff…

  7. tyger says:

    Sadly looks like the effects of 43 years of wear and fatigue.

    Lovely site!

    The owner who suggests you buy a newer car is obviously off his/her rocker.

  8. Adam says:

    I rebuilt my 912 5sp shifter this Summer with Jim’s help, all bushings, etc, and it shifts one finger smooth now. Made a huge difference over the sloppy (shifting into the passenger’s legs) feel from what it was. I think there’s a huge difference between how these cars were meant to shift from the original build, vs what we’re accustomed to in current cars. If you want the cleanest, shortest snik-snik-snik shift, then sure, modify the shit out of it. It’ll still drive no better than a current Mini Cooper S. If you want to drive it for what it is/was, then go for the original spec.

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