This is a familiar condiment at asian lestaulants (restaurant). It’s the asian ketchup – goes good with everything. I was at my favorite Vietnamese (not Vietmanese) restaurant today for lunch…sitting by the window…sneaking secret glances at my car in the parking lot and it occurred to me – I don’t think I’ve ever met another Vietnamese with an early Porsche. I mean, all the other asian folks are represented. The Filipinos (not Pillowpino) are the dominate asian Porsche owning folks…met and know many of them…but no Vietmanese…I mean Vietnamese. Sorry the half caucasian in me slips every once in awhile.

Also, a good time to say “hi” to my parents who are currently on vacation in Vietnam.

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  1. Kevin Brooks says:

    Hey Bob, this post hits home for me.

    My mom is Vietnamese and learned how to drive in my dad’s 1970 911 T when she came to America. My dad taught her to drive on the sand in Daytona Beach in the mid 70’s. Being 4’9″ she has always had to use a pillow behind her back because the seat couldn’t move far enough forward for her to push in the clutch. My mom likes to tell the story of how nice the guy was that gave her the driving test to get her license and cut her some slack because he said taking the test in a Porsche wasn’t easy to do.

    Growing up as a kid in the 80’s, all my friends thought it was pretty cool that my little Vietnamese mom picked us up in a Porsche!

    So I guess my mom was cool before it was cool to drive a early 911!

    By the way, one of my small pleasures in life is having a large bowl of PHO on a cold and rainy day, there is nothing that taste as good.


  2. Bob Tilton says:

    Kevin – a totally great and unique story. I don’t suppose you have any pics? If so, shoot them to me at And yes, a bowl of PHO is the absolute best meal on a cold day. Nothing beats it. Thanks for sharing! This is something you would never read in a mag.

  3. 356sal says:

    Love a good bowl of Pho, the Siracha is a staple here in L.A. keep it in the fridge at all times.

  4. tung v truong says:

    You have met me via email exchange when i sold you a race mark steering wheel. I am Vietnamese, younger generation and owner of 6 past Porsche. Currently driving a 80′ ROW SC and loving it. First one was a 70 911T and now hooked. I have your blog added to my favorite list and read your posting daily. Awesome work!!! BTW got your second print of Werk Crew. Show it to all my friend when they come by our house. I live in Stockton. That catch is my daily meal ingredient.

  5. Bob Tilton says:

    Tung – that’s right…I remember now. You should come out to EASY on the first Saturday of the month so I can say that I have met another Porsche owning Vietnamese in person!

  6. Hen Truong says:

    Hi Bob,
    First , I frequent your blog. It is great. I bought your 1st edition book. I met you at Race car Classic in Carmel Valley. I am Vietnamese. I love classic 911 Porsches. I own 2 65′ 911, a 68′ 911L SWT, 1 68 911S SWT, 1 70S coupe , 1 69 911T coupe.
    I live in the SF Bay Area. And lastly I just realize I can’t write long English sentences. Thus not worry about “Vietmanese”.

  7. Kevin Brooks says:

    Bob, I will see see what my parents have for pictures and send them to you if I can find anything worth while.

    Also saw Dragon Tattoo last night and its a kick ass movie. Even my wife thought it was good and she is definitely a more romantic comedy type.

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