The above photo has nothing to do with an update to calendar orders. I’m posting it to post it. Just a random pic taken with the X100 as I was leaving work. I carry this thing everywhere. My wife is embarrassed for me. We leave the house and I grab the car keys and the camera and she asks “Serious?” It makes me look like a total camera nerd but I don’t care. I love it.

As long as I’m offtrack – check out some of the new links I’ve added to the right.

Thanks to the demand  of the calendars it looks like I need to start thinking about another run. I’m not able to reply to all the payment emails so just know that I appreciate everyone’s support and kind notes. I’m on vacation this week but have been going into work to produce these calendars and get everything sorted.

Just a quick note as I have received a few “reserve a calendar for me”. Please allow me to direct you to the page with the ordering info by following this link: ORDER CALENDAR(S).

Again – thank you guys for allowing me to “depart” the norm under the guise of this entity I call Werk Crew. Serious.

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