Just swiped this off my buddy Maurice’s site – Dutchman Photos. It’s Magnus and Maurice on a leisurely stroll.


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  1. Alex B. says:

    Probably one of the coolest videos Ive seen, no music or dumb editing, just straight raw engine noise and a raw experience. Why do I have this feeling I would drive the same way if I had one, although maybe not so bold with all the traffic. either way it looked fun as hell! that engine noise :drool!

  2. Jason says:

    Amen, great sounding motor!!

  3. John Forcier says:

    Nice to see speed cameras haven’t pervaded your highways!

  4. 356sal says:

    That’s L.A.’s first freeway and was designed with 1920’s speeds in mind,the on and off ramps are literally from a standing stop. Even Maurice and Magnus will tell you it’s much faster in person. I had a late night foray on that freeway when another Uknown driver of a early 911 got behind me and flashed his driving lights, needless to say it was ON!!

  5. Hi Sal….!! đŸ™‚

  6. 356sal says:

    Hey Maurice, nice job on that video. That’s going to be as Iconic as the old streets of paris/ Ferrari piece.

  7. Amir says:

    Magnus. The man that can and will.

  8. rapido says:

    Well…..a simple day……a great day…enjoy this ride !

  9. Marius says:

    Nice vid.

    Enjoyed it heaps.

  10. Marius says:

    Better second time around. Played very loud.

  11. Grégoire says:

    AAAAhhh beautiful.
    What kind of exhausts have you got to get this beautiful sound?

    356Sal, if you like extreme Paris riding, this one is even rawer that the Claude Lelouch short film ;-).

  12. 356sal says:

    Thanks Gregoire, I viewed the link and loved it I also ride and enjoy Moto GP. Very cool!!

  13. BrĂ¼nnchen says:

    Stupid fiddling and ignorant highway pseudo race. The video is solely a disservice to our community. Hope to see you at the 20,832km NS in my neighborhood – there you can show if you are really capable of racing. Beardman – you will not even make it to the 3rd Hatzenbach corner that’s for sure! Cheers, BrĂ¼nnchen/Germany.

  14. ERNST says:

    Nice.. 110 is most to be the most dangerous Freeway in America..
    Always fun though..

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